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Ambient lighting leads to sleep, not romance for more than 80% of Brits

According to recent research, low bedroom lighting fails to get Brits in the mood for romance, with 80.3% admitting it makes them feel sleepy or lethargic.

An independent survey conducted by LampShopOnline asked the British public: “How does dimmed/low bedroom lighting make you feel?” Almost three quarters (71.4%) of respondents admitted that ambient lighting relaxes them before sleep and a further 8.9% said that it made them feel lethargic.

In fact, only 5.5% of those surveyed confessed that low lighting puts them in a romantic mood.

The age-old ‘lights on/lights off’ debate was confirmed by only 5.3% of respondents, who said that low lighting made them feel more attractive. Interestingly, almost three times more men than women experienced heightened body confidence in dimmer light.

The results highlighted that women were more affected by tiredness and lethargy, whereas men were more likely to feel romantic in low bedroom lighting.

Jamie Waite, E-Commerce Content Executive at LampShopOnline, said: “Many bedrooms feature just two types of lighting—a bright ceiling light and dim bedside lamps with no variation between the two extremes.

“Bedroom lighting needs to be adaptable to suit a variety of uses and the best way to do this is with dimmable, layered lighting that can be easily adjusted to suit the task and mood.”

Functional bedroom tasks, such as getting dressed and applying makeup can be hindered by poor lighting, an area flagged by 6.2% of respondents who complained that low lighting makes getting ready hard work.

Rebecca Dupere interior designer and founder of Dupere Design confirms that layering is the most effective way to light a bedroom:

“Layered lighting is key in a master bedroom. Using a collection of different sources of light from spots to pendants, to wall and floor will create a high-quality ambience. You need overhead lighting for when you want to see more clearly—LED spotlights are popular for this.

“However, it is essential to be able to turn these off and have softer lighting for when you are in bed. The look and feel of a room is very much dictated by the colour temperature of the lighting. A lower temperature will create a warm glow which works well in a bedroom.”

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