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Light+Light by Instabilelab

The wall floods itself with the light of the immense.

On the wave of the creative challenge which characterizes the soul of the company, Light+Light comes to life. The collection of ‘bright’ wallpapers, exclusive and original decorative proposals, gives a suggestive surprise effect, when the light is switched off, by shining in the correspondence of the light patterns for a fascinating scenery.

Once again Instabilelab goes beyond the simple wallpaper and creates a real furnishings project. With Light+Light the room has no more walls and the light becomes the sublime main character.

The luminescent effect is obtained through the application of a phosphorescent pigments-based paint (applied by hand): the painted part absorbs any natural or artificial source of light, lighting up in the darkness for a variable time duration, depending on the exposure time.

The right solution for residential and commercial environments. Light+Light is a highly decorative wallpaper with a high impact, but simple at the same time, with colours and patterns which perfectly match with the atmosphere and the furniture of the surrounding environment.