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Lutron unveils Prismatic – an interactive experience for the architecture and design community

Prismatic offers designers the opportunity to experience the transformation light brings to the built environment in a unique and immersive event

London, United Kingdom – 28th March, 2022: Lutron Electronics, the world leader in architectural lighting and shading solutions, introduces the unique opportunity for design community members to experience light via Prismatic – A Lutron by Design Experience.

Hosted at the Tate Modern in London’s Bankside district, the event enabled London’s architecture and design community to experiment with light in a bespoke iridescent cube fit out with Lutron lighting and controls. The interplay of light and iridescent colour delivers a completely immersive and Instagrammable experience. On Thursday 24th, designers got hands-on time with the Lutron Lighting Designer App, to play with the system and even save their lighting creations for the pop-up structure.

Prismatic is made possible by the Athena solution – Lutron’s simple and flexible lighting and shading control solution that puts the power to personalise light in the palm of your hands. Athena marries best-in-class control, unparalleled flexibility, and simple app-based setup in a lighting and blinds control solution that is ideally suited to handle the evolving needs of commercial spaces throughout the world.

pic-3“Lutron launched in the 1960s with the aim of creating technology that would enable individuals to control light, inventing the dimmer switch,” said Nicolla Farry, Specification Sales Supervisor at Lutron Electronics. “For 60 years we have been striving to provide the perfect light to our users. Prismatic provides lighting designers and the design community at large with the ability to manipulate light and experience first-hand the potential of Athena.”

Following the London event, Prismatic will continue in Madrid, Paris, and Milan starting in April 2022.

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Current Expands Horticulture LED Portfolio With New Arize® Integral Intra-canopy Lighting

 GE Current, a Daintree company has today added a new category to its broad Arize® range of horticultural LED solutions, with the launch of the Arize® Integral intra-canopy lighting (ICL) fixture. Offering best-in-class lighting output of up to 346 µmol/s and efficiency of 3.5 µmol/J, the Integral is designed to help growers maximize yields of high-wire crops such as tomatoes, cucumber and peppers through more strategic deployment of light, deep within the plant canopy.

Designed for use in combination with Current’s Arize® Element L1000 top light, the Integral disperses a tailored light spectrum across a wide, 120-degree angle from both sides of the fixture, to provide the mature leaves lower in the canopy with higher photosynthetic capacity. This allows the plant to make more effective use of the available light energy to drive plant growth and fruit development, without increasing overall energy usage and associated operational costs.


Bar lighting fixture with a mix of red and blue LEDs
New Arize Integral intra-canopy lighting (ICL) fixture

A recent study conducted with Wageningen University & Research and using Integral, has revealed a 14% increase in tomato yields, with no impact on quality or taste, when the supplemental light energy was delivered through a 66:34 ratio of top lighting to ICL vs 100% top lighting. Dr. Leo Marcelis, Professor of Horticulture & Product Physiology at Wageningen University & Research commented, “We were expecting higher yields from the 34% ICL treatment but we were shocked by the scale of the increase in output.”


LED light bar positioned against a backdrop of tomato plants
The Arize Integral ICL helped boost tomato yields by 14% in a recent Wageningen University & Research study, using a 66:34 ratio of top light to ICL

Bruno D’Amico, Global Product Manager for Horticulture Lighting at Current said, ”By including an intra-canopy lighting solution within our toolkit, we’re able to offer growers even more flexibility when designing a lighting strategy that will maximize the productivity of every harvest. WUR’s research has clearly shown the value of considering ICL within a greenhouse environment and we’re currently working with a number of growers to demonstrate the impact of the Arize Integral as part of their supplemental lighting plans.”

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Dar Lighting fined after ignoring warnings on restricting discounts

  • The lighting supplier failed to take sufficient action after 2 written warnings from the CMA relating to allegations of illegal price fixing, known as resale price maintenance
  • Dar still restricted the discounts certain retailers could offer customers online
The CMA has fined Dar Lighting Ltd £1.5 million for breaking competition law by restricting the level of discounts retailers could offer online.

In its second investigation into the lighting industry in recent years, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has found that Dar Lighting – which supplies domestic lighting products – restricted retailers’ freedom to set their own prices online between 2017 and 2019.

Instead, the company required retailers to sell at or above a minimum price, which prevented them from offering discounts beyond a certain level. This kind of practice, known as resale price maintenance (RPM), is illegal because it can lead to shoppers paying more for products.

Dar uses selective distribution agreements (SDAs) which allow it to make its products available to only a limited number of selected retailers that meet certain criteria. SDAs do not usually lead to competition concerns, but they can make it easier for suppliers to control pricing or carry out RPM. In this case, Dar gave retailers the impression that the terms of its SDAs prevented them from offering online discounts.

In 2 separate ‘warning letters’ sent prior to its investigation, the CMA warned Dar of its suspicions that the company was restricting retailers’ ability to discount products – and that this would amount to illegal RPM. The CMA requested that Dar check it was not breaking the law in this way. Dar did not take adequate steps to comply with the CMA’s warnings and has now been fined, with the CMA applying a 35% increase as part of the fine calculation for failing to act on these warnings.

Separately, having admitted to acting illegally and having co-operated with the CMA’s investigation, Dar’s fine was discounted by 20% under the CMA’s settlement procedure.

Ann Pope, Senior Director of Antitrust at the CMA, said:

“Selective distribution agreements are a legitimate way for suppliers to choose the retailers they want to stock their products – but suppliers must take particular care to ensure that they are not used or implemented in a way which breaches competition law.

“Dar Lighting gave retailers the impression that the terms of these agreements allowed it to prevent discounting online, which was not the case. By doing so, Dar was able to stop price reductions, meaning that shoppers lost out on the possibility of better deals.

“Dar ignored not one but two warnings and is now paying the price for its failings. The CMA will take action against firms who refuse to play by the rules, particularly where they have been previously warned.”

The CMA has issued millions of pounds worth of fines in recent years to firms including in the lighting and musical instrument sectors for preventing retailers from offering discounts online.

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GVA Lighting celebrates 25 years of success

This month (March 2022) marks 25 successful years in business for Canadian lighting manufacturer GVA Lighting. Since its inception in 1997 when it was founded by Vladimir Grigorik, the company became a pioneer and a leader in LED lighting technologies, has grown steadily and GVA brand has become a synonymous across the globe with innovation and quality.

GVA Lighting specializes in design and manufacturing of specification grade architectural lighting systems for an exterior and interior illumination. GVA is a vertically integrated company, all design and manufacturing activities of LED light engines, light fixtures, controls, drivers and power supplies are conducted in Oakville, Ontario. The company has subsidiaries in the UK and in the USA.

Engineering excellence, best lighting performance, high reliability, ease of installation, energy efficiency and ergonomics are the main aspects of GVA products.

GVA is now among the top innovative lighting companies in the world, building its reputation through offering unique and effective engineering solutions for challenging lighting applications, especially for large infrastructure projects, such as skyscrapers, bridges, airports, shopping malls. Usually these objects are milestone, iconic, “one of” architectural structures and lighting plays a vital role in an aesthetic appeal of these unique buildings, helping them to stand out from the surrounded architecture.

GVA’s Infinity® technology allows extremely long lighting circuits (up to 300 meters or 1,000 feet), when Color-Stream™ technology guarantees incredible speed and resolution of controllability. GVA’s Color-Amp® technology allows 2 to 3-time increase of light output in specific colors in color-changing luminaires.

Due to unique engineering solutions offered by GVA Lighting, lighting designers and architects specify GVA’s products for their top and most ambitious projects, both in North America and globally. These include Prince Edward Viaduct in Toronto, Putney Bridge in London, WMATA Metro Stations in Washington DC, Fountainview Towers in Dubai, and Tana Bru Bridge in Norway.

Vladimir Grigorik, Founder, Chairman, President and CTO at GVA Lighting said: “I’m incredibly proud of GVA Lighting and everything we have achieved as a business, but mostly for an assembly under one roof an amazing team of fantastic people: kind, passionate and committed great citizens of the World yet high calibre professionals.The next 25 years will no doubt be just as exciting and our vision “Creating New Beauty for our Home Planet™” will stay unchanged”.

As GVA Lighting has grown, its commitment to the environment and contribution to the health of the planet has been unwavering. This is achieved by offering products and technologies that save energy and natural resources.

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Lodes Presents IVY, an Architectural Lighting Solution Designed by Vittorio Massimo

Italian lighting specialist, Lodes, has joined forces with Italian architect, Vittorio Massimo, to create IVY.

IVY is a minimal, geometric lighting piece composed of a ring hanging on a cable, which gives power to a made to measure LED module. Designed with single and double cables (IVY I and IVY V respectively), IVY responds to the need for flexibility, an increasingly contemporary theme in architectural practice and restoration, allowing the luminaire to be released from its ceiling derivation.

VY I is a single pendant featuring one straight cable looping around the ring. The pendant can be hung alone or as a set on Lodes’ multiple canopies. IVY V features a double cable which forms a V by hanging the cable from the power source in the ceiling to wherever users decide to fix it. IVY V can also be used on a new multiple canopy that consists of a base with a central hole from which up to 6 or 12 cables hang. Users can create several V shapes, starting from the canopy and positioning the cable wherever they want around the room, securing it to the ceiling through a small black metal element.

Vittorio Massimo comments: “As Siegfried Giedion said, ‘it is light that gives the perception of space. Space is dissolved by darkness. Light and space are inseparable.’ Lighting is such an important consideration in architecture, yet it is so often left to hide on the ceiling. I wanted to extend lighting into the wider design. IVY was conceived to adapt to the unique details of a room, the ring component glides along the cable to reach any point of the space and to illuminate It at different heights and therefore influence its surrounding environment, characterising it as both a lighting point and a key architectural feature”.

The rubbery cable comes in black whilst the die-cast zinc alloy ring is available in three finishes: matte black, extra-matte champagne and terra, a warm tone with hints of brown, orange and pink. The three colourways can be combined on multiple canopies to build a varied, contemporary statement piece. The product sheds light downward through a long and narrow opening, which has been skilfully designed to disseminate an even, rounded beam through its methacrylate diffuser.

The name IVY relates to the clustering of lamps on numerous cables that are reminiscent of climbing branches. The cables intertwine and overlap in the same way as the plant ivy, adapting to the environment and framing certain details of the space. The composition emphasises various focal points from different or changing points of view of those who walk through the room.

The design was also inspired by rings, specifically wedding rings, as pendants on necklaces. This motif translates to the ring’s position on the double cable, reinforcing it as a simple yet precious object, making the perfection of its form the value.

The range was conceived to fit into any environment due to its versatility and pure design. IVY V is particularly impactful in minimal and sophisticated commercial contexts, including hotels, retail spaces and restaurants, however it can also be used in residential settings to define dining and reading areas, whilst IVY I can serve as a discreet night light in the bedroom on a single cable.

Massimiliano Tosetto, Managing Director at Lodes, notes: “IVY perfectly exemplifies Lodes’ ethos of accessible and contemporary design. Its flexibility allows users to play with different heights and shapes, therefore enhancing the wider architectural details of a space. The result demonstrates a unique creative synergy between the architect, Vittorio Massimo and Lodes.”

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Gira support UK Architects with dedicated eNewsletter

Gira, one of the world’s leading full-range suppliers for intelligent building design and management is empowering the British design community by extending distribution of its specialist newsletter direct to UK architects as the smart home sector continues steady growth.

Following the success of RIBA and BIID-Approved CPD by Gira‚ ‘When intelligent technology meets breathtaking design’, the company is further supporting architects and specifiers by inviting them to discover more about the possibilities of smart building systems and solutions.

Jacob Muijnck, Managing Director at Gira says, “More than 25,000 architects worldwide already receive our free newsletter by email, and we are very proud to now offer it to our UK design community so they can see the latest smart home case studies, RIBA and BIID approved CPDs and training opportunities unique to Gira.”

Market research indicates that household penetration of smart home technology is expected to reach 84.4% of households by 2026, and Gira stand ready to assist architects as they meet this demand. At present, the UK is one of the top 5 markets for smart home products and systems, above Germany and Japan, and second only to the USA and China.

“Given this growing appetite, we want to continue to play our part in serving the architects and designers of tomorrow, as they help to promote the concept of sustainable development and smart urbanism across the UK property market” adds Jacob.

The Gira eNewsletter offers:

      • The latest smart home case studies featuring green technology
      • RIBA and BIID approved CPDs
      • International Design and Architectural Trends
      • Free training and seminar opportunities
      • Networking and meet-up events
      • Product and company news from Gira

Gira is proudly committed to growing its business in the UK and want to support British architects, as the profession faces to new challenges post-pandemic. The company is eager to support newly qualified and seasoned designers, to expand and grow individual design repertoires and give professionals access to the latest smart building systems for their client’s and the built environment.

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The Colour Consistency Across All Lighting at The Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Gallery

The Colour Consistency Across All Lighting at The
Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Gallery

Throughout the years, Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Gallery in Ootmarsum, Netherlands has become a meeting point for contemporary art lovers for over 15 years, where Tom Schulten’s work serves as the benchmark and magnet that draws people in. His latest paintings and  silkscreens are on display within a backdrop of elegance. Chez-Moi is much more than just a gallery. In the past few decades, it has grown into a temple of beauty and use, where visitors find tranquility and allow the colours and shapes to fill their senses.

The Challenge

Because the colours and shapes are so important to the overall experience within the gallery, the management team at the Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Gallery approved a project to replace 600 spot lights with new LED lighting to enhance the paintings on display.

It was very important that the new LED lighting meet the following requirements:

  •  No zoom lens or various types of reflectors
  • Same lumen output as current installed spot lights
  • Good CRI for consistency across the current colour arrangement
  • Compatible with the current 3-phase track system by Hoffmeister
  • Lowest possible damage potential, in connection with any high IR/UV light so that no colour change occurs in the artwork after years
  • LED lighting manufacturer with a long history of product longevity and consistency
The highlighted artworks are extremely valuable at the Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Gallery. The lighting is designed to highlight the richly colourful artwork with a variety of spot lights shining on each painting from various angles. Due to this complex arrangement, there must be very little colour difference, if any, between the various spot lights in the gallery. The current 600 spot lights are Halogen 50-watt 10° and dimmable with a potentiometer.
Old lighting before renovation
New lighting with Apto Track Spot Light and Xicato Inside™ – XTM Vibrant Series
The Solution

The management team hired Industrielicht and their lighting design department to manage the selection of the LED lighting to deliver the exact specifications of the project. The Apto Track Spot Light from alphaLED with the Xicato Inside™ XTM Vibrancy LED module met the criteria perfectly.

The Xicato Thin Module (XTM) consists of a Xicato Core Array (XCA), pressure fit into a compact yet robust holder designed for a wide variety of downlight and spot fixtures and in this case, the Apto Track Spot Light. The Zhaga compatible mechanical interface includes wires and comes with pre-applied thermal interface material. With narrow beam options and high peak intensities (CBCP), the XTM portfolio addresses a wide variety of applications in accent, task and general lighting. Specifically, the XTM Vibrant Series was chosen for the fixture by Industrielicht due to the outstanding light quality with attributes of 98 CRI, 1000 lumen output, 2-step MacAdam Ellipse and compatibility with a 15° spot lens. Additionally, the 10-year warranty on colour consistency and lumen maintenance of the XTM was a driving factor in meeting the strict requirements of the Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Gallery lighting project. This helped to solve the challenge of matching the colour of other spot lights in the gallery with the same colour quality for many years to come.

Additionally, alphaLED’s Apto Track Spot Light easily made the adjustment to the previous installed Hoffmeister track rail guaranteeing the 5-year availability as specified. alphaLED’s history of impressive customer service and fast delivery of product to ensure on-time project completion was another critical component for the management team.

“We use Xicato Inside™ for all our lighting fixtures as we know how important light quality is to our customers. There really is no comparison in the market today. They have the only 10-year warranty for lumen and colour which provides the ultimate confidence in Xicato and their products.”
– Gary Lyon, Director, Projection Lighting Ltd./alphaLED 
The Results

Sampling the Apto Track Spot Light with the management team at Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Gallery made all the difference in choosing the right light fixture for the gallery.

When the Apto Track Spot Light with Xicato Inside™ was initially evaluated at the gallery against a competitive, similar fixture advertising CRI 98 and 2-step MacAdam Ellipse, the colour quality difference was perceptually visible. It quickly became obvious that the lighting offered by alphaLED and Xicato is superior with the light illumination within the appropriate range of the 15° beam angle. There was no colour aura around the outer edge or center of the light beam.

“The combination of alphaLED and Xicato Inside™ is worth gold, especially when it comes to the colour saturation of the artworks, which are often made up of primary colors red, blue and green. The rich colours are shown to perfection under this top-notch quality track lighting. The gallery management team is very happy with the final result of the project and so are we.”
– Bas van Driel, Technical Lighting Design, Industrielicht 
Location: Ootmarsum, Netherlands
Client: Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Gallery: Ton Schulten, owner and artist & Tim Engbersen, building management
Lighting supplier: Industrielicht
Technical lighting design: Bas van Driel
Producer: Projection Lighting Ltd – alphaLED
Products: Apto Track Spot Light with Xicato XTM Vibrant Series
Photo Credits: Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Gallery
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LEDFLEX support the lighting industries’ rising stars

With a continued commitment to supporting the lighting industries’ rising stars, Premium linear LED lighting solutions provider LEDFlex is looking to hire two new trainees, a Business Development Executive and Marketing Assistant, to join its growing team.

This is an exciting opportunity for individuals who have some experience and knowledge of the construction industry and are looking to pursue a career within lighting.

LEDFlex places great value in mentoring and nurturing aspiring talent within the marketplace. Last year, the LED manufacturer debuted as a sponsor for the first-ever Silhouette Awards, supporting lighting designer Rouzana Kopti. The Silhouette Awards programme is focused on identifying the rising stars of the lighting industry and subsequently supporting these young professionals as they progress their careers.

Ben Watts, Sales Manager, LEDFlex says, “We are dedicated to learning, training, and development both internally with our established team and in recruiting trainees from various walks of life. We are currently looking for new talent to bring a fresh perspective to our sales and marketing operations while allowing our team to bestow some of its years of experience and knowledge to the future generation of lighting industry leaders.”

Successful applicants will gain global experience within a diverse, dynamic team (over 15 different nationalities), working with designers and architects to bring surreal yet functional lighting concepts to life.

The new hirers can expect guidance from a passionate team, hands-on product and software training, and the benefit of a dedicated budget for further career development.

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EucoLight webinar spotlights the latest developments in Member States to prevent WEEE non-compliance through online marketplaces

On 9 March, over 200 participants attended a webinar organised by EucoLight, the European Association of lighting WEEE compliance schemes.  The webinar confirmed that five member states are now implementing national legislation to prevent WEEE non-compliance via online platforms.  Speakers from France, Germany, Spain, Austria and Finland explained the national measure put in place to stop the widespread avoidance of WEEE obligations by companies selling through online marketplaces.

According to several studies, the amount of Electrical and Electronic Equipment sold online that is not WEEE compliant is alarmingly high.  This means large quantities of equipment is illegally placed on the market in the EU each year by free riders. The same is probably true for packaging and batteries, also governed by extended producer responsibility obligations.

Attendees included representatives from the national authorities of fourteen different countries, European institutions, and many other industry and producer responsibility organisations.

Summarizing the discussions, Marc Guiraud, Secretary General of EucoLight, said:

 “Although we are in favour of a harmonised European approach, we recognise that it will be many years before EU-wide legislation can be implemented. In the meantime, we therefore urge those Member States that have not yet taken action, to do so as soon as possible. Until this happens, compliant European producers will remain at a significant competitive disadvantage, putting companies, and jobs at risk.”

Attendees had also heard from a representative of the Italian Competition Authority who highlighted the importance that solutions to overcome online free riding should avoid market distortion and respect competition law.

A number of European initiatives were also discussed, including the Digital Services Act and the Sustainable Products Initiative. But the meeting concluded that none of these would tackle the problem.  It was therefore particularly interesting to hear the initial results of a study undertaken on behalf of the Commission by Eunomia. EucoLight urges the European Commission to publish the Eunomia proposals for careful consideration by the different stakeholders.

Delegates also had the opportunity to hear the position of some online marketplaces, presented by a representative of DSS+ who highlighted the need to simplify extended produce responsibility compliance and administration. The event ended with a questions and answer session.

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RIDI Lighting UK launches Responsible Light™ campaign with a series of podcasts.

RIDI Lighting UK have just launched a new sustainable lighting initiative called Responsible Light™. This ‘manifesto’ underpins RIDI’s ethical approach to responsible manufacturing and lighting design. It includes their commitment to the latest guidance on humancentric and smart lighting. The RIDI Group  includes well known architectural brands like SPECTRAL and Li:fy. The Group have a long and impressive history of sustainable manufacturing since 1952.

RIDI want to bring debate about responsible sustainable lighting practices to the fore in the lighting industry.  A Responsible Light™ podcast series will be hosted by John Bullock, renowned lighting designer and journalist and will be published monthly, starting from the beginning of March.
There are 5 different headers that explain ‘Responsible Light™’. Sustainability; Ledification; Smart Lighting; Design Standards and Wellbeing. Key experts in the RIDI team will talk about these 5 strands and show how the company is responding to developments and shifts within the industry.
Supporting RIDI’s opinions on this subject will be further interviews or podcasts with key clients and stakeholders. How they see lighting manufacturers playing their part in the design of the low carbon economy?