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Ansell Lighting

Established in 1992, Ansell Lighting is a recognised market leader in the design and manufacture of high quality luminaires for the commercial, domestic, industrial and architectural markets. Through our distribution channel we supply lighting fixtures for a great number of applications including:

– Healthcare and NHS buildings

– Dental practices and doctors surgeries

– Police Stations

– Ministry of Defence buildings

– Schools and Colleges

– Academies

– Plus many more

With over 30 years in the lighting industry, we focus exclusively on design, product quality and reliability, supported by a fast, efficient service to all of our customers.

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Prime Light

Over the last 30 years we have grown and strengthened our expertise in several key sectors.

industry updates

New Industrial Light Enters Market with a Bang

Set to make a noise in the marketplace, Thunder ECO is a new high performance LED batten light from Ansell Lighting.

Suitable for industrial and ancillary applications, the robust Thunder ECO is built for heavy duty use. It is made from a durable, non-corrosive polycarbonate and has a dust tight and water jet resistant IP65 rating.

Available in 600mm, 1200mm and 1500mm lengths, Thunder ECO offers high levels of efficacy and is also power selectable, with high and low output options in each size. The luminaire is also available in two different colour temperatures – 4000k which emits a cool white shade and 6500k which gives a daylight glow, providing a choice of hue dependent on the application.

Each product also has two selectable wattage choices, giving the installer more flexibility.

Designed with installers in mind, the Thunder ECO is easy to fit. It has a twist off end cap providing easy access to cable entry points as well as push and fit terminals at each end to aid fast installation.  The luminaire is also supplied complete with versatile stainless steel mounting clips which can be located anywhere along its spine.

Mark Abbott, Managing Director at Ansell Lighting said: “The Thunder ECO is a great addition to our industrial lighting range. Highly robust, it is able to withstand harsh environments and comes with a three-year warranty. The Thunder ECO also delivers strong efficacy levels and will support customers striving to reduce energy costs and carbon use.”

industry updates

Recolight spearheads the circular economy for the lighting industry

Recolight now bring together a comprehensive range of services helping the lighting industry to fully embrace the circular economy.

Speaking at a key stakeholder event yesterday, Recolight CEO Nigel Harvey said “The unprecedented heatwave we recently experienced is a salutary reminder of the need for us all to redouble our efforts to tackle the climate emergency.  And that has been one of the key drivers for the way Recolight has transformed its business over the last three years.

The circular economy is a vital component of the response to the climate crisis.” “We are now doing more than ever to support a circular economy.  That includes product design training workshops to help lighting producers design for circularity, and to navigate the emerging voluntary and mandatory specifications.

The Circular Lighting Report news service keeps the industry abreast of the latest developments.  A certification service will help manufacturers demonstrate the their level of compliance with the  CIBSE TM66 circular lighting standard .  And vitally, the new in-person event, Circular Lighting Live which takes place in London on 22 September will provide a unique forum to consider forthcoming standards and legislation, emerging technologies and new business models.”

Harvey continued: “This transformation at Recolight has only been possible because we have built new partnerships.  We are delighted to now be working with leading lights from across the industry:
Ray Molony, Simon Fisher and Helen Loomes.”

“These new events and services complement the changes Recolight has already implemented to try to reduce the level of luminaire recycling, and increase reuse of old lighting equipment, and of excess lighting equipment stock.”

“At Recolight, we are also doing our best to ‘walk the talk’ on the climate. All our events are hosted at locations that favour travel by public transport. Climate action is one of the criteria in our tenders.

And we’ve set an annual internal target for all staff, to reduce the carbon footprint of our lamp collection
services by 10% this year.”

“It is particularly important to mention the pivotal role of the Recolight team in this transformation. I am immensely proud of their passion, energy, and commitment. None of this would have happened
without them. “ Recolight’s core business is the operation of the lighting industry’s leading WEEE compliance scheme.

The scheme provides waste collection and treatment services to the customers of its members, to ensure that all scheme members comply with their recycling obligations. Recolight’s waste lamp collections play a major part in helping the UK to ensure that lamp recycling levels are

industry updates

Being in the driver’s seat in a shattered world of supply and demand.

As the world of electronics rapidly evolves, technology continues to develop, and our buildings become smarter; there is increasing demand for electrical parts and components. Continued backlogs and the uncertainty of COVID’s impact are still driving our current challenges, particularly in the lighting industry, where shipping delays and component shortages, such as semiconductors used for electronics, and notably LED drivers, have extended lead times and dramatically affected product availability.

It’s hard to know when supply will recover to meet demand, though leaders throughout the supply chain are expressing concern that it could continue well into 2024. The continued disruptions and uncertainty of what’s to come next in our economy amplifies the need for supply chain orchestration. Managing 34,000+ parts across more than 35 suppliers at any given time provide Prime Light with unique insight into trends, strategies, and component and part shortages.

When the pandemic hit, component supply chain market capacity shrunk significantly. There was not enough supply to meet demand, but the greater impact was felt as businesses were unable to source reliable

Considering this uncertainty Prime Light has continued to build strong relationships with reputable global driver manufacturers to build a broad range of constant current and voltage drivers, both in dimmable and fixed output to ensure they have a solution for every lighting application. Prime Light’s partnership agreements have allowed them to build substantial stocks and guaranteed off the shelf supply and short replenishment time periods to keep their customers’ driver requirements fulfilled.

Prime Light’s product experts work across the UK within the lighting OEM sector assisting design engineers, procurement and technical teams to resolve their driver technical requirements, making them continued leaders in customer service at the core of the lighting industry.

Before the pandemic, companies supplying lighting components already struggled with waves of part shortages, price hikes, and lengthening lead times. A major surge in demand on one side and critical material and parts shortage on the other, strained capabilities to meet demand, especially for more standard passive components, such as drivers.

As Coronavirus spread around the world, so did the component shortages and factories struggled to produce or ship parts. As a result, OEMs worldwide could not manufacture their products either. Ultimately, it did not matter where the supplier was or where the product was produced; entire supply chains were clogged by the pandemic, and all the inventory and flexibility had been sucked out of the market.

There is still a growing challenge in supplying drivers, particularly because of the limited availability of electronic components on the global market. In order to maintain a reputation and deliver on promises, suppliers must implement a strict delivery initiative.

As a result of the Prime Light strategy, driver stock is maintained at a healthy level to ensure that it will never run out. Inventory waste can be expensive, but the global nature of supply chains makes ‘just in case’ a better approach than ‘just in time’. Prime Light has collaborated with first-class driver manufacturers with high forward-ordering of stock to ensure they can supply off-the-shelf even for all driver types including DALI drivers for typical project requirements, or in a few weeks’ lead time for a one-off, high-volume requirement of more than 5,000 pieces. Ensuring their supply is consistent, relationships are maintained and most importantly customers are receiving deliveries, keeping them firmly in the driver’s seat.

Expert comment:

“Over the last 18 months we’ve seen a rise in demand for LED drivers, as we’re committed to ensuring supply gaps are bridged, and, because we work on behalf of global suppliers, we will always find the solution required, unlike some of our counterparts in the industry who rely on one stream of supply” Guy Madgwick, Sales and Marketing Director




industry updates

‘Our modern world of wireless lighting’ by Prime Light

In our modern wireless world, wireless lighting controls are the natural evolution of both lighting and building control systems. As the world becomes more connected, wireless lighting controls are removing the need for specialist installation and commissioning engineers. No matter which industry you’re in, configuring all devices as wirelessly connected will provide recurring information and the ability to control and monitor everything under one roof.

Maintenance can be simple and remote using a tablet or handheld device and install times are heavily reduced, making recommissioning extremely simple, efficient, and cost-effective having seen this tried and tested, the savings are astronomical.

The statutory responsibility (as per the BS 5266-1 British standard) to check all emergency lighting can be a costly one and the requirement to perform a ‘flick-test’ every month and an annual full discharge test, where batteries are discharged for at least three hours, has a massive impact on budget and resources.

The saying “time is money” has never been more apparent as the system operates by transmitting wireless protocols of secure data and messages, detecting exposed errors or faults almost immediately rather than upon testing.

The smart node or control device is the host and brain of the system, which can sit integral or remote behind the luminaire. Hardwiring directly into the driver allows communication between the two wirelessly using the chosen protocol for that system. As there is no wiring between luminaires, fittings can be wired using three-core cable (DALI luminaires required), including emergency fittings.

Traditionally wall switches would require power switches, but the wireless technology of the controls system allows PIRs and wall switches to broadcast wireless messages direct to the control node which then can dim the fitting to 0% instead of switching the mains input.

The system automates the monthly and annual testing requirements at a time that works for the occupation of that building, ensuring that no two lights in the same area are discharged at the same time. And with no human intervention, you can be assured that all lights have been tested to full compliance.

The responsible person can choose how and who is notified of any exceptions, they can run a desktop diagnostic on units that fail and can even integrate it with other facilities management software to schedule in the repair, all providing greater efficiency and proactive management.

With security in mind and preventative cyber-attack measures, the mesh system means every device can pass its data onto the next one, to pass it back to a gateway that sends information to an Amazon Web Server, so no information is ever held on-site. The mesh operates on 128-bit encryption, it changes its key 10 times a second, so it’s incredibly reliable and secure, similar to banking-grade security.

Due to the adaptability of this smart technology, there are also energy savings to be made as they potentially give you control over other elements of lighting such as daylight harvesting or reducing the lighting output to say 80%, which is virtually undetectable to the human eye. Prime Light’s wireless system is a future-ready network that you control, allowing buildings to be converted into the most innovative, up-to-date space possible in the most secure and cost-effective way.

To find out more about Prime Light’s smart lighting control system or the evolution of wireless lighting, please visit or contact Ben Brunton at


industry updates

Tryka Partner Network Expands … Introducing our new partners in Israel and Brazil

We are excited to announce we have onboarded two new partners to complement our existing global partner network.

e:Light is our new Brazilian partner, specialising in Architectural lighting solutions. Their commitment to offering excellent products is the guarantee of quality accompanied by exquisite visual design.
e:Light are dedicated to providing customers with a unique experience in the lighting universe. Hence, representing Tryka 😉

Steinitz Lirad Lighting is our new Israeli partner, specialising in providing lighting solutions for complex projects. Steinitz Lirad pride themselves in lighting solutions that are created in accordance with the requirements of the planner and the architect and within the budget available to them. Again, Tryka is the perfect choice …

With our continued global expansion, you’ll now find it increasingly easier to get your hands on our wide range of Tryka standard and custom products for internal and external architectural, technical, and task lighting applications.

industry updates


Milan, 12th July 2022 – A living and ever-changing installation, an immersive atmosphere where visitors can find themselves completely enveloped in the lush plant life around them, along with their “conversation” in light and sound. Today it inaugurated ‘Greenhouse Silent Disco, the installation of the Polish Pavilion at the 23rd Triennale Milano International Exhibition, designed to decipher the silent language of arboreal vegetation in a futuristic greenhouse.

Filled with dense vegetation and equipped with digital sensors that capture the reactions of the plants to various stimuli transforming them into LED lights and sounds, the installation invites visitors to take their cues from the intelligence of plants as we move towards ecological well-being.

industry updates

Classic styling meets modern technology with DW Windsor’s expanded heritage lighting range

Delivering greater versatility and functionality, DW Windsor announces innovative upgrades to its Heritage Lighting range – including tunable white technology and expanded options for controls and connectivity

Leading exterior lighting solutions provider DW Windsor has expanded its popular heritage lighting range to include tunable white technology, warmer colour temperature options, Bluetooth wireless control, and improved LED efficiency.

Recognising the demand for greater flexibility and building on their commitment to delivering the right light at the right time, with these upgrades, DW Windsor aims to give designers the tools they need to tackle the ongoing challenges of urban lighting.

Tunable white lighting offers a flexible, dynamic solution for night-time illumination. With two transition ranges – 3000K to 2200K, or 4000K to 2700K – the technology enables designers to more closely control the colour and intensity of light throughout the night. For example, the system can be programmed to begin illuminating at 3000K when night falls and transition to a warmer, softer 2200K overnight, when fewer road users and pedestrians are present.

Additionally, warmer colour temperatures down to 2200K have been added to the Chip on Board (CoB) light engines, offering a smoother transition from the former sodium bulbs typically associated with heritage lanterns. Taken together, these new options within the range allow designers to respond to the growing market shift away from the cooler end of the colour spectrum.

Expanding the connectivity options in the Heritage range was also a major focus for the upgrade, with the introduction of Bluetooth control. The wireless technology enables one-to-one adjustment or the opportunity for luminaires to communicate in a small, closed network, with no need for specialised central control modules, thus opening up greater levels of controllability for smaller-scale applications.

Energy efficiency was another key consideration, and the upgraded luminaires now achieve up to 180 lumens per watt, representing a 20% increase compared to existing options.

Finally, the upgraded range also sees the addition of a new product, Windsor Urban – a high-performance, traditionally styled lantern. Inspired by the company’s flagship heritage luminaires and offering a low whole-life cost, the durable aluminium lantern is ideal for large-scale projects.

Alan Grant, Design & Development Director at DW Windsor, commented: “DW Windsor has been a trusted brand for over 45 years. With these improvements, we’re spearheading the industry’s shift towards warmer colour temperatures while also providing flexible connectivity options for greater control. All of these improvements contribute towards a more efficient and sustainable product that will benefit clients and end-users alike.”

DW Windsor’s Heritage range spans from traditional Victorian-style lanterns with authentic aesthetics to more contemporary, mid-century luminaires, offering unparalleled efficiency and performance for period applications.

industry updates

Ansell Unveils New Outdoor Lighting

  • New design-led wall lights and bollards added to collection

In time for the seasonal surge in demand for outdoor lighting, Ansell Lighting has unveiled the latest additions to its outdoor range.

The first is Aries, a robust LED bollard fabricated from die-cast aluminium. Modern and edgy in its design, Aries is rectangular in shape and is available in a choice of textured finishes, including black, graphite and rust. Suitable for commercial applications, Aries is IP65 and IK08 rated; it stands at 900mm high and delivers a multi-directional, 360-degree beam of light. A choice of two different colour temperature models are available, 4000k Cool White and 3000K Warm White. Supplied with c/w mounting kit for easy installation, the 20W luminaire also has a 50,000-hour lifetime and comes with a five-year warranty for added peace of mind.

For those applications requiring a cylindrical bollard design, Avio is the second new addition to Ansell’s outdoor lighting range.   Also suitable for commercial applications, Avio is manufactured from die-cast aluminium and is IP65 and IK08 rated. It is available in a choice of textured finishes, including black, graphite and rust and comes in a choice of two different colour temperature models, 4000k Cool White and 3000K Warm White.

A half shield accessory is also available with Avio, making it highly versatile through the option of single direction as well as 360-degree lighting output. The fitting is 955mm in height and has an LED lifetime of L80 50,000 hours. Avio is also supplied with c/w expansion bolts for mounting and the 20W luminaire comes with a five-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Aside from bollard lighting, Ansell has added a selection of new wall lights to its outdoor range.

Available in directional and bi-directional models, Acero is a GU10 LED wall light suitable for residential applications. Made from 316L marine grade stainless steel, it is a robust fitting built to withstand the elements – even in coastal areas. Simplistic in design, Acero comes in Stainless Steel, Copper and Black finishes and is OCTO Compatible. PIR options are also available for further operability.

Delivering a more decorative effect is Ansell Lighting’s final new luminaire – Misano. Available in both square and curve design options, it is an architectural and modern bi-directional wall light, suitable for semi-commercial and residential applications.

Manufactured from a robust die-cast aluminium, Misano has an IP rating of 65 and is available in graphite, black and rust finishes.  A choice of two different colour temperature models are available – 4000k Cool White and 3000K Warm White.  For added reassurance, Misano has a three-year warranty and an LED lifetime of L80 50,000 hours.