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Industville introduce Dazzling New Lighting Collections perfect for the New Post-Modern, Post-Industrial Age of Design


The Industrial aesthetic is constantly evolving in interior design and as pioneers of this style, Industville are excited to introduce their very latest designs.  The three new collections take the very best of their industrial design heritage and blends it seamlessly with elegant modern elements, contributing to a new post-modern, post-industrial age of design.

Gone are the days of the obvious factory-like raw copper pipework and exposed brickwork as we welcome a new era of ‘Modern Sleek Industrial Style’. To reflect this, Industville’s new collections are more sleek, polished and modern in design, whilst still staying true to the company’s industrial heritage.

Marketa Rypacek, MD at Industville explains the inspiration behind the new designs, “We pride ourselves in listening to our customers and reacting to market trends. We recognised that our lights were being used in more and more projects involving a number of very broad interior styles, from scandi and botanical to maximalist and boho.  From being in the industry for many years we had seen before how adaptable the industrial style is, and with this in mind the new designs were created to contribute to an even greater range of styles and applications. The new lighting collections are sleek, elegant and contemporary, whilst still giving a nod to the very best of our industrial design heritage. “


The Knurled Collection

The new Knurled Collection adds instant sophistication wherever it is placed.  These gorgeously tactile light fixtures give an air of 1920’s glamour with their detailed lattice effect metalwork, whilst the sleek silhouette makes them ideal for today’s modern homes.  Available in all of Industville’s beautiful signature finishes including pewter, brass, copper and black, the Knurled Collection features a brilliant choice of room defining lights, making it easy to express your own design style.

The Sleek Cylinder Collection

Arguably the most contemporary of the new designs, the Sleek Cylinder Collection is a modern twist on the classic pendant look.  The elongated shape makes a great sleek industrial style statement and would look fantastic in a group over a kitchen island or dining table. For a more classic take, the Sleek Cylinder fixture looks particularly elegant when paired with a tinted or clear glass shade. Alternatively, for those looking for more of a modern industrial statement, choose from a matching or complementary metal shade in brass, pewter, black or copper.

The Chelsea Collection

Last but not least, the smooth lines of the Chelsea Collection are simply stunning.  The rounded fixture pairs perfectly with Industville’s classic rounded shades such as the globes or domes.  The result is a delightful design which would bring softness and elegance to any interior scheme with it’s gentle curves.  This versatile design is available as either a wall light or pendant light and would bring warmth and style to any room of the home it was placed in.


Marketa Rypacek, Managing Director at Industville Ltd reveals her TREND ALERT

Modern Sleek Industrial Style is trending, this new sophisticated look is predicted to be the biggest trend of 2023 and Marketa Rypacek offers her top tips for incorporating this style in your home:

  • Choose a neutral colour palette. Whether you choose to go light or dark, sticking to neutral colours will provide you with an elegant base, perfect for this sophisticated style.
  • Mixing wood and metal is synonymous with industrial style but opt for pieces with smooth wood surfaces for a more modern feel.
  • Stick to sleek, simple silhouettes when designing your space, from furniture to artwork choose minimal pieces.
  • Select metallic fixtures and fittings. Raw copper, pewter, and brass all work well in Modern Sleek Industrial Style interiors.
  • When choosing your lights, embrace the full range of lighting sources available – this will create a space that is both practical and atmospheric.
  • Keep it light and airy using plenty of glass to allow as much light into your space as possible, glass light fittings and accessories can help to make a room feel larger.



Industville’s Sustainability Credentials

Industville are passionate that their business makes as little impact on the environment as possible and they are constantly working hard to achieve this.  Efforts are continuously on-going and they are now proud to be able to report the following;

  • 100% recycled metals and glass used in all products
  • By the end of 2022 all packaging will be made of recyclable or biodegradable materials, the majority of which will be made from recycled materials
  • Polystyrene and the use of plastic tape is currently being eliminated from the supply chain
  • The company is prioritising lower carbon shipping methods meaning it is now 90% by ship as opposed to air
  • A successful scheme is underway to donate ex-display products to Charities for raffles and prizes
  • Products are handcrafted using traditional methods which result in durable, timeless products that are made to last
  • Industville are participants of the WEEE European recycling scheme which aims to improve the collection, treatment and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment
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Signify nets design accolades with 3D-printed lamps from discarded fishing materials


  • Sustainable 3D-printed Coastal Breeze pendant lamp wins prestigious Gold IDEA 2022 design award and honorable mention in Fast Company Innovation by Design awards
  • Collection is 3D printed using discarded fishing nets for cleaner oceans and a low carbon footprint
  • Exclusive 3D-printed table lamp will feature in Dutch Design Week 2022

Eindhoven, the Netherlands–  Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, has won a Gold International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) for its Coastal Breeze collection of sustainable pendant lamps from circular materials. The Coastal Breeze Collection pendant was also awarded an honorable mention in the Fast Company Innovation by Design awards. The collection, including an exclusive, limited edition table lamp, will feature at Dutch Design week in Eindhoven from October 22 – 30, 2022.

The Philips MyCreation fishing net lamp was awarded a Gold IDEA by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA). IDEA is one of the longest-running and most prestigious design awards programs, recognizing exceptional design achievement across a range of disciplines. The lamp was also recognized as an honoree in the new Circular Design category of the Fast Company Innovation by Design award.

The Philips MyCreation Coastal Breeze Collection evokes the beauty of coastal areas while helping preserve these environments for the next generation. Between 10% and 46% of ocean plastic consists of fishing nets, lines and ropes. These nets are often discarded in the ocean, endangering the lives of marine wildlife. Transforming this waste into 3D filament disposes of 4.5 meters of fishing net per luminaire.

As well as reusing ocean plastic, Signify’s 3D printing process helps reduce waste and contributes to a circular economy. Items can be printed locally on demand, so no excess stock is produced. There is no glue, fewer screws and the items are easy to disassemble and repair. And with up to 76% lower emissions from material supply and manufacturing, and up to 28% savings in transport, 3D printed luminaires offer a lower carbon alternative to conventional manufacturing.

Original nylon fish nets are sourced from fishermen on the UK’s Cornish coast and transformed by partner Fishy Filaments into granulate, the base material for 3D printing filament. The raw material is then processed into filament in Maarheeze, the Netherlands, and 3D printed in Turnhout, Belgium.

The finished lamps come in soft, organic silhouettes and the same characteristic blue green color of fishing nets. When lit, the recycled material shows gradients of blue green tones and small irregularities which make every lamp unique. The soft, diffuse light reveals the 3D texture of the shade. The textures are inspired by the sea: sand dunes, rippling water and fish scales.

For Dutch Design Week, Signify’s design team created a very special table lamp from fishing net material. Signify will participate at the event from October 22 – 30, showcasing the beautiful designs that can be made from discarded material using 3D printing.

The Philips MyCreation Coastal Breeze Collection is currently available online on the Philips MyCreation webshop in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden. The Dutch Design Week Table Lamp will be printed in a limited edition 150-piece run and will be available exclusively to customers in the Netherlands.

Kevin Raaijmakers, Head of Growth for 3D Printing at Signify, said “The Coastal Breeze collection is special because it is beautiful in both its design and its purpose. Dutch Design Week is the ideal platform to showcase the real impact we can make when we are conscious about the products we bring into our homes. We want to share what we have learned about ocean pollution and the exciting solutions there are to use the waste we all generate. We are proud that Dutch Design Week considers our efforts to be a valuable asset to the design world.”

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4Lite launches versatile new LED batten lights

Durability and energy efficiency are key features of lighting manufacturer 4Lite’s new additions to its battens range.

Manufactured from hardwearing polycarbonate, the LED weatherproof batten is waterproof, dust proof and corrosion proof and can withstand operating temperatures ranging from -20°C to 50°C.

It is ideally suited to car parks, factories, warehouses and garages.

Delivering an energy efficient 120lm/W and a performance of up to 6,500 lumens, it has an LED lifespan of L70 30,000 hours, supported by a four-year warranty.

The weatherproof batten’s slimline design includes easy wiring connectors which require no screwdriver, enabling quick and simple installation. It is available in four lengths – 600mm, 1,200mm, 1,500mm and 1,800mm.

The versatile IP20 rated LED batten, designed to withstand temperatures between -10° and 40°, is the solution of choice for utility rooms, garages and corridors, and is perfectly suited to schools and commercial and industrial applications.

With an energy-efficient performance offering up to 4,400 lumens and an LED lifespan of L70 54,000 hours, this batten also comes with a four-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Its slimline design delivers a minimal aesthetic and easy installation is in-built thanks to metal clips which attach to the body of the batten.

Rachel Morris, Marketing Manager for 4lite said: “These new LED battens offer a supremely versatile lighting solution for a range of applications.

“They also deliver the quality, durability and sustainability that customers have come to expect as standard from 4Lite.”

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LUMINO Light a Wave of Virgin Voyages Ships As Fourth in Fleet Rolls Out


Since launching Virgin Voyages, Virgin’s first cruise line, in 2014, the company has continued to expand its fleet of luxury cruise liners. The first ship in the fleet was the stunning Scarlet Lady, named to honor one of Virgin Atlantic’s flagship aircrafts, which set sail in August 2021. Scarlet Lady was followed by two sister ships, Valiant Lady and Resilient Lady, named to celebrate women’s strong, fierce, and independent spirits. The latest ship to be helmed into the fleet is the Brilliant Lady, inspired by the intelligence and radiance of women across the globe, making its debut in summer 2022.

Virgin Voyages has designed each cruise liner as the ultimate in paradise for travellers, exclusive to over 18s, for a cruise experience that is above the average. With an interior design that resembles an elegant yacht or a decadent hotel, the sleek design combines with a relaxed atmosphere to offer guests the best possible experience.

93% of cabins feature an ocean view, and 86% have a balcony, to behold not only the breath-taking ocean scene, but the ship’s silver-grey hull featuring smoked glass and hints of red, incorporating the iconic Virgin brand colours. Exclusive amenities onboard each ship include a spa, beauty salon, gym, fitness classes, and a tattoo parlour, to promote an atmosphere of wellbeing and rejuvenation.

Virgin aligned with suppliers and manufacturers who could enhance the exquisite interior design specifications, and we were appointed to fulfil the lighting requirements for the project by supplying a wealth of products from our extensive portfolio.

Each ship offers guests over 20 dining choices, and the Extra Virgin Italian restaurant offers sophisticated dining with an authentic and delectable menu. For a stylish yet relaxed ambience, our V20S OPTIC was supplied to illuminate key areas of the restaurant and form a layered lighting scheme.

As one of our most popular and proven luminaires, V20S OPTIC is found throughout leisure areas such as the spa, smoking room, chart room, and awe-inspiring atrium on each ship. This luminaire beautifully lights the spiral staircase, guiding guests around the ship as well as featuring as a stunning spectacle.

The V20S is ideally suited to the luxury liners due to its compact linear lighting profile, at only 20mm in width and depth, creating ideal solutions for wall washing, grazing, or flood lighting. OPTIC technology delivers outstanding light output ratios, diffused reflectance, and a variety of beam options. Available in silver, white, black, or any custom RAL colour, this luminaire can complement or contrast with any décor and colour scheme.

For guests taking a dip in the ship’s swimming pools, V36R is recessed into the canopy of the bar for a soft lighting that helps set the scene. V36R is perfect for ceiling or wall mounted applications, and the added RGBW option can set the ambience from relaxation to poolside party cocktails.

LUMINO’s Sales Director Chris Small said: “The fleet of cruise liners designed by Virgin Voyages offer an unrivalled passenger experience due to their luxurious interiors and glamorous design.   

“We are extremely honoured to have LUMINO products specified on such a premium roll out project, delivering the highest quality solutions with luxury aesthetics. This showcases the excellence in quality, design, and installation that our products and solutions offer.”

Project team:

Client: Virgin Voyages

Photography: Courtesy of Virgin Voyages

Design: L’Observatoire International

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ERCO Illuminates Matthew Penn’s Fragile Fight

 ERCO Lighting are delighted to announce a new collaboration with British Artist Matthew Penn. Matthew Penn and ERCO have a long-standing relationship, with Matthew using ERCO luminaires to not only illuminate his artwork, but harnessing the light as a crucial tool from concept to completion of his iconic creations. For Matthew the light is very much, a part of the art.

In his latest project, Matthew Penn illuminates the message of climate change and biodiversity loss into one common globally visual language, fusing art and conservation, The Fragile Fight.

Contemporary British artist Matthew Penn and his Fragile Fight project have recreated and articulated the entire skeletons of selected endangered species in cast crystal glass, highlighting the fragility of nature and the delicate balance which our climate and actions play on our fractured natural world. Working closely with ERCO, Penn has orchestrated a ‘one of a kind’ fusion of art and conservation.

The first entire skeletal artwork, the female polar bear, took a year to create and was completed a few days before the country and the world experienced record-breaking temperatures directly attributed to Climate Change caused by humans. This symbolic and powerful piece of artwork, developed over 20 years, has been completed at one of the most crucial times for our planet.

This exquisite sculpture, was created with over 200 individually cast crystal bones and 24 ERCO spotlights fabricated directly into the art itself. These elements are compositionally assembled in a foetal position, as a juxtaposition of the life, death and fragility of our natural world. Representing the protective womb and cycle of life, the skeleton is set within a 1.5 tonne monolithic circle, precisely illuminated by ERCO, using the miniaturised Eclipse spotlights size XS with Narrow spot light distribution and Parscan spotlights.

An integral part of the art is the colour temperature. To create the cool icy effect, which is cast across the sculptures, Penn used 4000k luminaires with an adaptable ERCO fish lens to further increase the ice-like hue.

Each light fitting represents the 24 hours of the day, highlighting the delicate path we tread with time. The light brings depth and dimension to these intricate pieces and truly amplifies the message of The Fragile Fight.

The power of this visual masterpiece is palpable. The crystal glass Polar Bear, along with the other extinct or endangered species skeletons, symbolises the actions and reactions that every individual, company and country must take during our fractured present to prevent a shattered future for all life.

The skeleton and its skull were exhibited at 10 Downing Street to launch the COP-26 climate change event. Now complete, the artwork will go on a global tour, spreading its message and showcasing its solutions.

ERCO’s UK Showroom, will play host to The Fragile Fight exhibit early 2023, bringing this incredible art and message to preserve our natural world to the heart of London. Exhibition dates to be announced soon.

Image courtesy of Matthew Penn

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Seamless & Scalable Emergency Lighting Ecosystems

Andy Davies, Mackwell’s Commercial Director, looks at emergency lighting ecosystems and the future of integration with smart building management systems.

Emergency lighting has moved away from manual testing to become a more automated and efficient process. Automated lighting appears as standard in new buildings, yet 80% of the buildings that will exist in 2050 have already been built, meaning that only implementing automation into new buildings limits the ability to produce an automated management system for existing buildings.

Landlords and facilities management teams, who are responsible for the compliance of an entire estate, have a desire for this automation to be reportable remotely and to be scalable both within a building and across estates.

This is what Mackwell is looking to address with the N-Light ecosystem.

The Scalability of N-Light

Originally launched in 2014, the N-Light CONNECT system was seen, at the time, as a breakthrough in emergency lighting automation, thanks to its intuitive interface and ease of installation. Following its success, this product has now evolved into an ecosystem of options, designed for scaling both within large buildings and across entire estates.

The N-Light CONNECT+ DALI emergency lighting test and monitoring system has developed from the original product for 128 devices into a system where a single touch panel can test and monitor up to 1,024 emergency luminaires, making it a suitable and desirable option for very large buildings across a large square metre footprint or many storeys.

To complement this, Mackwell has launched a wireless version of the system, known as N-Light AIR, which provides the ability to more easily retrofit the N-Light functionality into existing buildings, where rewiring may prove challenging. This may be especially desirable in older housing blocks, offices, retail units and heritage buildings, especially where challenges such as asbestos tend to exist.

Finally, both wired and wireless versions of N-Light can be brought together via remote reporting to the N-Light Cloud. This allows facilities management teams to access reports from the system and to see the status of emergency lighting from wherever they are. The cloud system, and the wireless retrofit, can run alongside a wired new build and be visible on a single portal, offering a complete, scalable and integrated monitoring solution that allows wired and wireless monitoring as well as cloud connectivity all in one system.

This innovative emergency lighting system provides ease of monitoring and maintenance, real-time system updates and online test reporting, and multi-site support for monitoring larger buildings and multiple estates. The need for continuous automated safety checks is removed, creating a more efficient and accurate data set. Thus, the N-Light ecosystem removes complexity and focuses on safety, providing a significant benefit that was not available before.

This system has been installed successfully in a recent project for Wealden District Council, a local government district in East Sussex, England. As part of the road to Net Zero, the council is committed to minimising its carbon emissions output. In order to achieve this, as well as create a more streamlined approach to managing council-owned properties throughout the region, Mackwell, along with sister company Energy, Lighting & Compliance (EL&C) installed a cloud-based automatic test system for emergency lighting within 106 blocks of General Needs flats within the district. Across the 106 locations, there is a range of larger blocks, as well as multiple smaller blocks, each consisting of 5-7 emergency lights, situated in corridors, stairwells, and front and rear exits.

Each building had previously relied on traditional emergency lighting, whereby Estate Wardens would have to physically visit each block and manually test that they were working correctly. Given that the 106 blocks span across five postcode areas it was a large geographical area to cover and an extensive process for the monthly testing, in addition to the driving required between sites.

With this new solution, the onsite testing and scope for human error have been completely removed. This has improved the council’s compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 as well as allowing smarter use of the system to detect lighting faults and ensuring swift repair or replacement is undertaken to strengthen compliance further.

Looking to the future – how emergency lighting systems can enable smart buildings

Emergency lighting is a fundamental component for all commercial structures, and one that is strategically placed throughout entire buildings and estates. As demand for smart buildings has become increasingly popular, it is becoming more and more apparent that emergency lighting compliance has been an area that has not been easily integrated into the construction and fit-out of multiple smart buildings.

Integrating smart emergency lighting systems with building automation systems can enable a new level and quality of building controls, making facilities safer, more efficient, and easier to manage. This helps buildings to meet energy, safety, and economic goals. Not only is this solution ideal for new buildings, but the wireless systems offer the flexibility for a simplified and less costly solution when retrofitting existing buildings.

As go-to emergency lighting specialists within this broader ecosystem, we believe that safety-critical emergency lighting compliance is paramount to the future of smart buildings, and it begins with emergency lighting systems. At Mackwell, we are successfully integrating our systems within alternative building management systems to create future automation in both existing and new buildings.

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CP Electronics Set to Energise Product Development with New Director Appointment

With ongoing emphasis on providing futureproof lighting and energy controls, CP Electronics – part of Legrand UK & Ireland – has appointed Gilles Silva as its new Director of Product Development.

Having gained almost 20 years’ experience – 14 of which spent in Legrand Brazil’s R&D team – Gilles’ new role will see him take a lead on product innovation at CP Electronics. Focusing on energy efficiency, in line with Legrand’s latest CSR roadmap, Gilles will lead a team of 14 people in the UK, as well as closely working with R&D centres in France, the USA and China.

As part of his new role, Gilles will develop and deliver new products as well as analyse technology trends, maintaining CP Electronics’ reputation for driving the lighting and energy controls market forward. This includes ensuring CP Electronics’ market-leading lighting control products continue to push boundaries in energy efficiency.

Discussing his new position, Gilles said: “This is an exciting time to join the CP Electronics team. We have a clear plan to deliver products that help drive energy efficiency, all while developing them sustainably.

“Our goal is to develop solutions that make installers and other professionals’ lives easier without compromising on quality. By nurturing innovation and constant learning, we can make great strides towards accomplishing our mission.”

Part of the Legrand Group – which commits circa 5% of its sales to R&D – Gilles’ appointment is further evidence of CP Electronics’ ambition to bring the very best in connected lighting and energy controls. Earlier this year, the company confirmed the appointment of John Carruthers as Managing Director, who made R&D investment a key pledge upon his arrival.

John Carruthers said: “We are delighted to welcome Gilles to the UK & Ireland team. He comes equipped with exactly the experience and knowhow we need to drive future innovations with an enhanced focus on R&D. Gilles has earned himself an excellent reputation in Brazil and will undoubtedly continue his commendable work while building valued partnerships.”

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Gradus lights up cinema screen at leading media company

Contract interior specialist Gradus has installed a range of LED Lighting solutions within the cinema screen of a leading media and film company based in Paddington. Whilst helping to create a subtle yet stylish atmosphere, the illuminated stair edgings provide the site with a safe solution in what is a low-light interior environment, helping to reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls.

Installed on the steps within the seating area, the Gradus ATD71L aluminium stair edgings provide top and downward-facing illumination that clearly defines the step-edges.

The stair edgings, specified in a black anodised aluminium finish, combine two of the company’s LED lighting systems: Continuity, which creates a continuous linear lighting effect, and Interlok Advance, which provides a pin point lighting effect projected down the risers for extra visual definition.

Adam Hill, Marketing Product Manager at Gradus, comments: “We worked closely with the media company to arrive at the perfect solution for their needs, which resulted in us combining the safety of lit stair edgings with the modern and sleek look they wanted to create within their cinema screen. We’re confident that the finished article, with the well-defined treads and the pinpoint effect on the risers, achieves the project brief.

“As well as this, the LED nosings feature specially welded corners thanks to our expert Fabrications Service, which customises the profile to the surroundings for a tailored finish.”

In addition to the step lighting, Gradus also installed a small amount of our new LED Architectural Lighting  around the door to produce a subtle, ambient glow. This mood lighting effect was achieved by combining our surface mounted Corner profile with a 10-watt Spotless LED Tape in 6000k Cool White

All the Gradus lighting solutions installed as part of this project are fully controllable thanks to a 4-in-1 dimmer rotary switch, allowing users to adjust the brightness at the touch of a button.

Adam Hill adds: “This project is a great example of how a variety of different products within our Lighting range can be combined. At Gradus, we have more than 25 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of specialist LED lighting for cinemas and other settings, and can bring clients extra peace of mind through our full product management service that includes quotations, site installation and management through to ongoing maintenance and aftercare.

“To any specifiers looking to install an LED Lighting System in their buildings, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.”

For more information on Gradus’s range of LED Lighting Systems suitable for for use within cinemas and a variety of other settings, call 01625 428922 or visit

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Easy on the Eyes: New Commercial Linear for Visual Comfort

For commercial lighting without the headache, Ansell Lighting has introduced the Adrina, a high specification linear luminaire that is UGR<19.

Suitable for settings where visual comfort must be a priority, such as education, commercial offices and retail premises, Adrina is powered by Tridonic and is CCT selectable between 3000k and 4000k, offering warm and cool white options.

To further aid visual comfort, Adrina is supplied with bi–directional light output as standard and, minimising maintenance requirements,  has an LED lifetime of L70 50,000 hours.

Adrina offers the flexible of seamless connection, allowing multiple fittings to be joined together to light large areas, with additional infill accessories available to ensure it can light spaces of any dimensions.

Available with and without the option of being dimmable, Adrina can also be supplied with an OCTO control option, offering full smart lighting functionality.

Constructed from a robust aluminium Adrina comes complete with a five-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Mark Abbott, Managing Director at Ansell Lighting said: “The Adrina is a great addition to our comprehensive range of commercial linear luminaires and will provide effective yet comfortable lighting for a wide range of spaces and applications.”

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Rako Lighting control gets active at Friskis & Svettis

Swedish non-profit organisation Friskis & Svettis is on a mission to make fitness fun and has recently worked with The Kontrast Group to develop a bespoke lighting concept, complete with Rako lighting control, to enhance each space and activity across five of its Swedish locations.

From sites across the country, Friskis & Svettis offers a wide variety of classes with the aim of creating unique and memorable experiences for its members. As well as popular classes including dancing, spinning and yoga, it also provides tailored training for children and parents, seniors and disabled clients.

To continue to develop its offering, the company sought to give each workout area its own specific feel that could adapt depending on the class. Custom-made luminaires were designed and installed by The Kontrast Group, controlled by a Rako system, to set the mood, whatever the activity, helping to signify high energy, relaxation or a change of pace.

The dance studio, for example, features scenes to suit any step, with lights that adapt to the tempo; while in the spinning studio the light transitions from blue to red to mixed colours as the class increases in intensity. The concept behind the gym space was for members to feel as if they’re in a club, so contrasting light levels create different environments. More mellow tones are used in the yoga studio, while stretching takes place in near darkness to enhance relaxation and focus, with class leaders framed by spotlights.  Even communal spaces such as corridors have been integrated into the design, featuring lighting scenes that contrast with the exercise spaces and uplights that provide soft lighting during the day.

At Friskis & Svettis all class leaders are volunteers and can include people of all ages and technical ability. As leaders need to be able to control the lighting, simplicity was key. To achieve this, specific scenes have been pre-programmed into the Rako system and can be selected and managed via a touchscreen from the front of the class. Leaders can also use this to control the music that accompanies workouts. These password-protected touchscreens communicate with the Rako Hub so different scenes can be recalled quickly and easily.

The only exception is in the spinning studio where a hardwired control unit has been chosen due to the intense nature of the workout. Dali enabled lighting control also means the same values can be received by multiple devices to guarantee a consistent experience across multiple rooms.

The speed of the Rako system was particularly noted along with the ease of installation and programming it offers, as well as its ability to integrate with other systems. EOS keypads were also singled out by The Kontrast Group for their neat design.