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A Spotlight on Bathroom Lighting for 2022
A Spotlight on Bathroom Lighting for 2022

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in the home and recent years have seen investment here increase, as homeowners strive to create a relaxing sanctuary in which to unwind and relax. Lighting plays a key role in achieving this and Marketa Rypacek, Managing Director at Industville Ltd, offers her expert advice on creating the ultimate bathroom retreat.

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Swan Neck Outdoor & Bathroom Wall Light Brass Globe Glass £100. Image Credit :@sittonkirsty

Soothing Sanctuaries
The importance of having a lovely home, spending time with family, and appreciating what you have, has become more ingrained into consumer minds in the last few years.   Despite the pandemic slowly coming to an end, this new mindset looks here to stay and is being echoed in homeowner’s bathroom design choices. Recent studies have shown a strong connection between interior design and wellbeing. “Lighting plays a huge part in this, and consumers are more aware than ever before how important it is to have a home that not only looks nice, but also boosts their physical and mental health.”  Marketa advises.

The last two years have seen bathrooms become an increasingly important room in the home, seeing the highest levels of investment after the kitchen. Therefore, bathroom interiors have had to step up too. As Marketa comments, “Whereas previously bathrooms were purely a functional space where a whole family could get ready for work and school, it has now also become a home spa and sanctuary for many, something which is likely to be an enduring trend”.

“Bathrooms are the ultimate chill-out zone for rest and relaxation, so it’s worth taking time with the design to create something that ticks all the boxes. In terms of lighting, there’s a lot to consider from placement to the types required. For example, you will need different lighting for applying make-up and shaving, compared to lighting that enhances a long hot soak in the tub,” advises Marketa.
She continues, “The bathroom is also a room where clutter needs to be kept at bay. Ideally, the room should be as minimal and as organised as possible, to allow for a relaxed mind.  In terms of colour, while it’s true that a neutral colour scheme will enhance a Zen-like state, don’t be afraid to add pattern and pops of colour to add personality.”
Pictured Above Left: Brooklyn Outdoor & Bathroom Pendant Brass pendant holder £80.00. Image Credit: Right: Brooklyn Glass Funnel Wall Light – 7 Inch with Copper Holder £89.00. Image Credit: @pier1bathrooms
Layered Lighting
A well-thought through lighting solution is integral to the space, and it should always have the flexibility to adjust to the task at hand, whether people are getting ready for the day in the morning or winding down and relaxing in the evening. Lighting is one of the most important aspects to think about, as the right light can change the dynamics of a bathroom to create the perfect ambience. “My top tip is to have layers of light on dimmers and separate circuits. This will allow you to switch between bright light needed for daily hygiene tasks and softer levels for a relaxing mood,” suggests Marketa.
Pictured Above: The Brooklyn Outdoor & Bathroom Wall Light £90.00. Image Credit: @dovecotebarns /
Marketa continues, “To accomplish a warm, welcoming room that is functional too, you need to embrace all of the three main types of light – which are ambient, task and accent lighting. The best lighting schemes incorporates the whole range of lighting sources available; pendant lights, recessed lights, track lighting, wall sconces, under cabinet lighting, and other spot lighting. I always advise customers to vary the lighting in a room to create little pockets and pools of light.”
Pictured Above Left: Sleek Edison Wall Light – Pewter  £35.00. Image Credit: @christianawilkinsinteriors. Right: Brooklyn Glass Funnel Wall Light – 7 Inch with Pewter Wall Holder £89.00. Image Credit: NK Living. Photography by Chris Snook.
Task lighting is used strategically to ensure there is just the right light where you need it. “This may include overhead spotlights in the bath for reading a book, as well as wall lights either side of the mirror to allow for focused directional light when using the vanity for applying makeup for example,” says Marketa.
Ambient light fills the room with sufficient light to see clearly while moving around. “First look at the natural light coming into the room and how well it fills the space in the daytime. Next, note any areas in need of additional light, as well as considering how much illumination the space will need in the evening, in the absence of natural light. In a bathroom ambient lighting is often required around the bath and in niches and alcoves,” advises Marketa. Last and by no means least, use accent lighting to draw attention to the decorative elements in the bathroom, elevating the look and feel of the space. “This lighting may be used for example to highlight greenery, artwork or architectural details, and will help set the ambience, adding depth and interest,” recommends Marketa.
Pictured Above Right: Brooklyn Outdoor & Bathroom Globe Pendant – Pewter £80.00 Image Credit:@upstyleyourhome
Pictured Above Left: Brooklyn Outdoor & Bathroom Pendant Brass £80.00.Image Credit: @dovecotebarns / Orlando Wire Cage Wall Light Bathroom Pewter £59.00. Image Credit: iansandersontextiles.
Bathroom Lighting Zones
When choosing bathroom lighting your fittings must be safe to use in different bathroom zones. “Ingress Protection or IP ratings are an integral part of the lighting industry. An IP ratings guide provides you with an understanding of all IP ratings for lighting fixtures by outlining each digit with its corresponding definition. The left side indicates the level of protection for solids, whereas the right side projects the degree of water resistance,” Marketa explains.
With so many regulations and ‘do and dont’s’ surrounding bathroom lighting, it can feel like a minefield. However, Industville have made it easy for customers, as all their lights can be used in the bathroom, providing they are installed in the correct zone.
Marketa advises, “Our IP65 rated lights are protected against water projected from a nozzle, making them suitable for use in Zone 1, the wettest area of the bathroom. Those with an IP44 rating are suitable for Zone 2, 0.6m outside the perimeter of the bath and to a height of 2.25m from the floor, as well as the area around a wash basin, within a 60cm radius of any tap. Outside this area, IP20 rated lights can be used, so don’t limit yourself to just ‘bathroom lights’ for these areas”.
Waterproof (IP65) lighting for use in Zone 1 is now available in more on-trend styles than ever before, so you no longer need to sacrifice style for safety. Marketa says, “We have recently launched many new designs of IP65 rated lights, which co-ordinate perfectly with our lighting for other rooms of the home.  These include both wall lights, pendants and flush mounted lights so there is now much more choice for the bathroom”.
Left: Brooklyn Outdoor & Bathroom Giant Step Pendant 18 Inch Brass shade with Brass pendant holder £189.00. Right: Bulkhead Outdoor & Bathroom Oval Light,6 Inch, Brass, £109.
Above Left:  Sleek Edison Pendant Black £35.00.  Above Right: Swan Neck Outdoor & Bathroom Wall Light Pewter Tube Glass £100.00.