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A10 Electrical Solutions Ltd Celebrates Triple 30 under 30 Awards Success

The eFIXX 30 under 30 awards, sponsored by Luceco Group, has completed its second year awarding the next generation of successful electrical contractors, who have made significant contributions to the industry.

One company in particular found incredible success at the awards; Dale Hunter, Founder of A10 Electrical Solutions, was awarded as a 30 under 30 winner in the first year of the awards. This year, he nominated two of his own team, Archie Murton and Leonard Radley, who incredibly, have both gone on to receive the accolade for 2023.

The two winners share what being an award recipient means to them and how it has raised the profile of A10 Electrical Solutions. Archie and Leonard share how they started their journeys at A10 Electrical Solutions, and how they felt being nominated by Dale for this award.

Archie said: “At the Southgate College open day I was approached by the team handling electrical installations and they convinced me to enrol in their level 2 course. I knew a friend of Dale’s who had taken me on a domestic re-wire job where I was fortunate enough to meet Dale. Since then, I have been able to learn a great deal from them and expand my love and knowledge of the electrical industry.

“When I first learned about my nomination for the award, I had no idea that it was Dale who had put me forward. I felt incredibly grateful and excited to be recognised for the hard work I put into my industry. As I watched the award announcements, I was filled with shock and amazement. Being one of the 30 recipients was truly an honour.”

Leonard added: “I have been an electrician for 10 years. Once I finished my apprenticeship, my previous company decided to keep me on, and I stay with them until 2021, which is when I join A10 Electrical Solutions. I knew Dale way before he opened his company as we both started in college together and I’ve  helped him with a couple of jobs before A10 Electrical Solutions was developed, so I decided to leave my previous company to help Dale out with expanding his company.

“I was very surprised to be nominated by Dale and to even win it was even more surprising. I am very happy to win the award and I feel privileged.”

The winners share how proud sponsors of the awards, Luceco Group, add support and credibility to the programme. Archie said: “The support of a respected manufacturer like Luceco Group makes a significant difference in how the awards are perceived and valued by participants and the wider community. It’s always beneficial to have reputable organisations and individuals endorsing and supporting initiatives to give them more prestige.”

Leonard adds: “The support of Luceco Group will be very beneficial to myself and A10 Electrical Solutions by attracting more customers and letting them know they can trust and rely on us.”

Dale was honoured to nominate members of his team for this award after experiencing first-hand how the 30 under 30 awards benefitted his electrical career. Dale said: “A10 Electrical has gone from strength to strength since winning the award last year. The awards have allowed us to engage in partnerships with Luceco Group, which gives us the incredible benefit of receiving products and expert answers from our contacts more quickly, improving our efficiency and turnaround.

“We have received more attention on social media, increasing business and supporting our growth. We have started a training course and we have two new engineers starting with us soon, which is very exciting!

“I am so proud of Archie and Leonard; they are assets to the company and do incredible work, which I wanted them to be recognised for, both to show my appreciation and give them more opportunities. It was such a nice surprise that they both went on to win! I will be nominating more people for next year’s awards, and hopefully we will have a third year of winners here at A10 Electrical Solutions!” We are all looking forward to attending the winner’s event in September.