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Ansell Gives NouLine New Lease of Life

Enhancing performance and functionality, Ansell Lighting has upgraded the features of its popular NouLine batten to include CCT and power selectability.

Available in 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm lengths, all NouLine battens are now 3000k,4000k or 6500k selectable and offer single and twin power options.

Designed specifically for indoor use, NouLine is ideal for industrial applications and ancillary areas. The high-performance LED batten features a high transmittance polycarbonate diffuser, delivering excellent light uniformity and ensuring consistent illumination and glare reduction.

Easy to install, NouLine battens are equipped with push-fit terminals for quick setup alongside multiple conduit entry points and BESA fixing points. Backed by a 5-year warranty, they are a reliable and efficient lighting solution that ensures long-term performance and peace of mind for customers.

NouLine is also available with integral microwave sensor and self-test emergency options, providing enhanced functionality and safety features for a variety of indoor environments.

Mark Abbott, Managing Director at Ansell Lighting said: “NouLine is an incredibly popular batten light that is well specified by professionals in the industry. As part of our efforts to constantly improve our product offerings, our design team has made a number of improvements to the luminaire to enhance its functionality and ensure it remains at the forefront of lighting innovation. These include the addition of CCT and power selectability, giving customers more choice in how they illuminate their spaces and providing greater flexibility to meet their specific lighting needs.

“The upgraded NouLine is set to be an incredibly popular option for professionals seeking versatile and efficient lighting solutions.”