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Ansell Unveils Siipa…


  • Stylish new recessed modular light features innovative curved diffuser

Available in both Solo and Dual designs, Siipa is a brand new recessed modular light from Ansell Lighting.

TP(a) rated, the luminaire meets building regulations for ceilings and is ideal for installation in offices and other commercial settings.

Innovatively styled, Siipa features a unique curved diffuser, adding an extra dimension of style to the luminaire’s overall minimal aesthetic. It is also UGR<19 compliant, delivering low glare, visual comfort for building occupants,

Selectable between 3000K, 4000K and 6500K, Siipa features CCT technology enabling colour temperature to be set to a choice of different hues dependent on user preference. It is also energy efficient, with the Solo luminaire delivering 122 lm/W and the Dual delivering 119 lm/W.

Mark Abbott, Managing Director at Ansell Lighting said: “Our new Siipa recessed modular lights are a stylish addition to any commercial space. Combined with the excellent level of illumination they emit, low level of glare produced and their efficacy, they tick all of the boxes required by lighting designers and building users/operators.

“Enhancing their functionality, Siipa products are also available with a range of additional options such as OCTO Smart Control and Digital Dimming. Three Emergency models are also available – Emergency, Emergency Self-Test and DALI Emergency.”