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Architectural FX is proud to partner with Caruso and Vektron to complete their Acoustics with Lighting offer.

Architectural FX has recently agreed a partnership with Kreon Lighting. This alliance is to promote their Vektron acoustic rafts with integrated lighting in the UK. Vektron designs and manufactures metal ceiling rafts that can be integrated with lighting for offices, universities, restaurants, hotels, and other sectors.
Vektron ceiling rafts are ready made and easy to install ceiling systems for many applications. They come in two different sizes, with three different layouts each. There are two available colours black and white, with other finishes available on request. The tiles have a low gloss finish which enhances their aesthetic appeal.

This second partnership was made to complement the offering in this sector fully. It allows Architectural FX to offer full expertise and product ranges in fabric acoustic panel (Caruso) and metal tile acoustic (Vektron) solutions. Caruso manufactures bespoke high quality fabric acoustic panels with lighting, made in Italy. Their strength lies in expertise in materials engineering with leading edge research and design.

Architectural FX has a solid 24 years of experience working on complex lighting projects. They can offer an impressive solution for acoustics with integrated lighting.
Some great synergies between the Caruso and Vektron brands help cement the overall offer. Both provide sound technical advice and design services and
collaborate closely with architects and designers. Both brands are very sustainable and both are experienced in offering customized products.

Architectural FX has recently recruited Guy Stansell as Business Development Director for this sector. Guy brings with him 30 years of relevant experience and knowledge.
He commented; ‘I’m excited to be a part of this new sector launch for Architectural FX. And to be working closely with these two excellent partners. We have a firm offer to market. I’m also looking forward to taking customers to see the quality of these products. Vektron’s ceiling rafts are on display in their London showroom in SE1. Caruso is building a new showroom in their offices based in Parma, Italy’.