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Being in the driver’s seat in a shattered world of supply and demand.

As the world of electronics rapidly evolves, technology continues to develop, and our buildings become smarter; there is increasing demand for electrical parts and components. Continued backlogs and the uncertainty of COVID’s impact are still driving our current challenges, particularly in the lighting industry, where shipping delays and component shortages, such as semiconductors used for electronics, and notably LED drivers, have extended lead times and dramatically affected product availability.

It’s hard to know when supply will recover to meet demand, though leaders throughout the supply chain are expressing concern that it could continue well into 2024. The continued disruptions and uncertainty of what’s to come next in our economy amplifies the need for supply chain orchestration. Managing 34,000+ parts across more than 35 suppliers at any given time provide Prime Light with unique insight into trends, strategies, and component and part shortages.

When the pandemic hit, component supply chain market capacity shrunk significantly. There was not enough supply to meet demand, but the greater impact was felt as businesses were unable to source reliable

Considering this uncertainty Prime Light has continued to build strong relationships with reputable global driver manufacturers to build a broad range of constant current and voltage drivers, both in dimmable and fixed output to ensure they have a solution for every lighting application. Prime Light’s partnership agreements have allowed them to build substantial stocks and guaranteed off the shelf supply and short replenishment time periods to keep their customers’ driver requirements fulfilled.

Prime Light’s product experts work across the UK within the lighting OEM sector assisting design engineers, procurement and technical teams to resolve their driver technical requirements, making them continued leaders in customer service at the core of the lighting industry.

Before the pandemic, companies supplying lighting components already struggled with waves of part shortages, price hikes, and lengthening lead times. A major surge in demand on one side and critical material and parts shortage on the other, strained capabilities to meet demand, especially for more standard passive components, such as drivers.

As Coronavirus spread around the world, so did the component shortages and factories struggled to produce or ship parts. As a result, OEMs worldwide could not manufacture their products either. Ultimately, it did not matter where the supplier was or where the product was produced; entire supply chains were clogged by the pandemic, and all the inventory and flexibility had been sucked out of the market.

There is still a growing challenge in supplying drivers, particularly because of the limited availability of electronic components on the global market. In order to maintain a reputation and deliver on promises, suppliers must implement a strict delivery initiative.

As a result of the Prime Light strategy, driver stock is maintained at a healthy level to ensure that it will never run out. Inventory waste can be expensive, but the global nature of supply chains makes ‘just in case’ a better approach than ‘just in time’. Prime Light has collaborated with first-class driver manufacturers with high forward-ordering of stock to ensure they can supply off-the-shelf even for all driver types including DALI drivers for typical project requirements, or in a few weeks’ lead time for a one-off, high-volume requirement of more than 5,000 pieces. Ensuring their supply is consistent, relationships are maintained and most importantly customers are receiving deliveries, keeping them firmly in the driver’s seat.

Expert comment:

“Over the last 18 months we’ve seen a rise in demand for LED drivers, as we’re committed to ensuring supply gaps are bridged, and, because we work on behalf of global suppliers, we will always find the solution required, unlike some of our counterparts in the industry who rely on one stream of supply” Guy Madgwick, Sales and Marketing Director