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Classic styling meets modern technology with DW Windsor’s expanded heritage lighting range

Delivering greater versatility and functionality, DW Windsor announces innovative upgrades to its Heritage Lighting range – including tunable white technology and expanded options for controls and connectivity

Leading exterior lighting solutions provider DW Windsor has expanded its popular heritage lighting range to include tunable white technology, warmer colour temperature options, Bluetooth wireless control, and improved LED efficiency.

Recognising the demand for greater flexibility and building on their commitment to delivering the right light at the right time, with these upgrades, DW Windsor aims to give designers the tools they need to tackle the ongoing challenges of urban lighting.

Tunable white lighting offers a flexible, dynamic solution for night-time illumination. With two transition ranges – 3000K to 2200K, or 4000K to 2700K – the technology enables designers to more closely control the colour and intensity of light throughout the night. For example, the system can be programmed to begin illuminating at 3000K when night falls and transition to a warmer, softer 2200K overnight, when fewer road users and pedestrians are present.

Additionally, warmer colour temperatures down to 2200K have been added to the Chip on Board (CoB) light engines, offering a smoother transition from the former sodium bulbs typically associated with heritage lanterns. Taken together, these new options within the range allow designers to respond to the growing market shift away from the cooler end of the colour spectrum.

Expanding the connectivity options in the Heritage range was also a major focus for the upgrade, with the introduction of Bluetooth control. The wireless technology enables one-to-one adjustment or the opportunity for luminaires to communicate in a small, closed network, with no need for specialised central control modules, thus opening up greater levels of controllability for smaller-scale applications.

Energy efficiency was another key consideration, and the upgraded luminaires now achieve up to 180 lumens per watt, representing a 20% increase compared to existing options.

Finally, the upgraded range also sees the addition of a new product, Windsor Urban – a high-performance, traditionally styled lantern. Inspired by the company’s flagship heritage luminaires and offering a low whole-life cost, the durable aluminium lantern is ideal for large-scale projects.

Alan Grant, Design & Development Director at DW Windsor, commented: “DW Windsor has been a trusted brand for over 45 years. With these improvements, we’re spearheading the industry’s shift towards warmer colour temperatures while also providing flexible connectivity options for greater control. All of these improvements contribute towards a more efficient and sustainable product that will benefit clients and end-users alike.”

DW Windsor’s Heritage range spans from traditional Victorian-style lanterns with authentic aesthetics to more contemporary, mid-century luminaires, offering unparalleled efficiency and performance for period applications.