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CU Phosco – A723, Hamilton, Scotland high mast replacement
Client Scotland Transerv

Contractor CU Phosco Lighting

Products  82 no. P855

11 no. P863

2 no.  FL800R

14 no. 30m High Masts

Project Overview

The A723 Hamilton forms an important link between North and South Lanarkshire. Scotland Transerv, who held responsibility for managing the road, identified the need to upgrade the lighting from SON to LED for a number of reasons;

  • To improve performance
  • To illuminate to standard
  • To include a fully compliant electrical distribution system
  • To make energy savings
  • To reduce maintenance costs

Our experienced and dedicated project team was able to offer a full turnkey solution with all team members being fully trained, qualified and competent through CITB and HERS accredited schemes.

CU Phosco Lighting was appointed as the main contractor on the project and was responsible for the full design & build, including the provision of;

  • Traffic Management
  • Geotechnical and Site Investigations
  • Lighting Design
  • Electrical Design
  • Structural Design
  • Foundation
  • Screw Piling
  • Trenching
  • High Mast, Lighting, Cabling & Feeder Pillar Installations
  • Concrete Testing
  • Electrical Testing

Results & Benefits

It was important to minimise distribution to the busy A road, so the project, from design to completion, was finished within 15 weeks.

Our breadth and depth of luminaires allowed us to use a combination of  products to best meet the needs of the scheme.

We primarily replaced the original SON-T floodlights with our HEA-Award-Winning P855 LED high mast luminaires. A total of 82 x P855’s were used, along with 11 x P863’s and 2 x FL800’s; mounted on 30m high mast columns.

With 360° rotating STAR-optic®, the P855 accurately controls light output. Delivering up to 42,000 lumens per luminaire, it reduces glare (achieving up to a G6 glare rating) and delivers good vertical illumination, whilst maximising column spacing.

The new lighting delivered a 40% reduction in energy.


Aled Davies – Principle Lighting & Electrical Engineer – Scotland Transerv

“Following the tender process for the A723 High Mast Renewal, Scotland Transerv engaged a contractor capable of the design, manufacture and installation which facilitated a single point of contact for all of the works and this proved effective in promptly managing and absorbing changes to scope. Conclusively, CU Phosco Lighting adopted a pragmatic and collaborative delivery approach with Scotland Transerv, allowing the project to be completed on schedule and within budget.”