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CU Phosco – Welwyn Garden City

In January 2019, Welwyn Garden City (WGC) embarked on upgrading the street lighting in the residential area to far more energy efficient LEDs, whilst reducing maintenance visits to replace lamps and finally improving the overall carbon footprint for WGC and Hertfordshire County Council (HCC).

As most of the luminaires in WGC are classified as conservation areas, this meant any change to the luminaires had to be very carefully considered and to meet the approval of WGC Local Councillors. As well as offering energy cost savings Ringway Infrastructure Services (RIS) on behalf of HCC were looking for a supplier that would meet all the operational requirements whilst improving efficiencies through innovation, service, and distribution capabilities.


  1. Approximately 2000 streetlights located in the conservation area of WGC required replacement.
  2. RIS on behalf of HCC and were tasked in collaboration with WGC councillors providing an LED low energy solution that was in keeping with the existing street lighting via a competitive tender process.
  3. The lighting design criteria stipulated by HCC was that the lumen output and performance on the road was equal or better than the existing lighting, whilst maintaining the aesthetics of the luminaires.
  4. RIS & HCC required the supplier to provide the best ‘long term value’ in consideration of;
    • combined capital, energy, and carbon costs over ten years
    • technical, commercial and logistics requirements
    • quality and warranty offers
  5. The project had a small window in terms of timescale. CU Phosco Lighting as the successful tenderer was appointed in July 2019 and the project was required to be completed by November 2019, in preparation for the Centenary celebrations of WGC in 2020.