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Elektra Lighting -Bondi Green – relaxed and buzzing food with an Australian twist

Bondi Green serves coffee and pastries to the office workers passing by in the morning, then morphs to a pizza restaurant at lunchtime. It changes again for the evening, and has two distinct characters – seated restaurant at one end, cocktails and DJ at the other. Weekends adds a legendary brunch service.

The style isinformal, flexible, fun with a distinct Aussie twist.
Budget was limited (its a fun cafe not a fine dining restaurant) and became more so as the pandemic progressed, so we took an innovative approach to lighting.

The cast concrete arches are a great feature and even more after we detailed linear lighting into them. We persuaded them to invest in a lighting control system, and shifted the mood with 7 different settings over the day. Starting with a bright a fresh morning setting to wake up the coffee buyers, lighting becomes steadily more intimate as the day progresses.

We changed from wide flood to narrow spots picking out tables at night, we shifted the lighting from up at ceiling level to
low level, picking out inbuilt joinery items at night; then throwing in a colour temperature shift in line with current circadian lighting thinking.