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Enhance your workspace with contemporary lighting by Lodes
As the move to hybrid working continues, ensure that your workspace is functional by day, and stylish by night.
From left: Cima by Marco Dessí and Easy Peasy by Luca Nichetto
Incorporate a statement piece with Cima, a floor-to-ceiling light designed by Marco Dessí, for a striking addition to your home office. Available in a gold, silver and yellow rope, the Cima suspension lamp features a joint which allows the bulb to slide vertically and swivel to aim light in specific directions, ideal for enhanced flexibility. Alternatively, opt for task lighting with Easy Peasy, a portable and rechargeable table lamp designed by Luca Nichetto. Its unique colour ways and shapes add a playful character to your workspace, whilst its dim-to-warm functionality allows you to play with light levels to help you focus. The portable design also enables you transport your work space from room to room providing a much needed change of scenery in your day.
From left: Cima by Marco Dessí, available in gold, yellow and silver ropes and Easy Peasy by Luca Nichetto, shown in Flamingo and Lagoon