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Firstlite introduces Lumaire range of signage lighting solutions

FirstLite LED Systems Limited, a leading supplier of LED modules to the UK sign market, has introduced the Lumaire range of LED Light Panels – a breakthrough in slimline lighting designed to deliver vibrant, practical displays for interior and exterior spaces. The Lumaire LED Light Panels house high-intensity LEDs with low power consumption in a slimline and lightweight frame, ensuring exceptional light uniformity across the entire panel, regardless of size.

Meg Woodcock, managing director of Firstlite, says, “Lumaire LED Light Panels are a game-changer! They provide a fantastic solution that is ideally suited to many sectors, from retail spaces to offices and architectural installations. The magnetic profile ensures effortless installation, while the slim design and user-friendly print interchangeability provide unmatched adaptability in diverse settings.”

She adds, “At Firstlite, we are committed to illuminating spaces with cutting-edge solutions that seamlessly blend precision, innovation, and sustainability. The Lumaire LED Light Panels epitomise this commitment, offering a transformative lighting experience for interior and exterior environments.”

Each Lumaire panel is entirely bespoke, offering a personalised touch to lighting solutions. The panels feature a 5mm sheet of cast prismatic acrylic with a patented uniform grid pattern and a reflective white film on the reverse side to enhance illumination. With low power consumption, Lumaire panels stand out as an environmentally conscious and cost-effective lighting solution.

The Lumaire LED Light Panels feature a slimline design with a frame thickness of just 15mm, providing a sleek and contemporary aesthetic. These panels can also be curved in single or double-sided options for added design flexibility.

Specifications include a maximum size of 2800mm x 1250mm, ensuring versatility for various applications. The magnetic profile, with a thickness of 19mm, offers easy installation and adaptability to diverse settings. Crafted with precision, the panels feature a sleek 2mm clear acrylic material, providing both durability and a contemporary aesthetic. Additionally, the Lumaire panels offer the convenience of easily interchangeable prints, allowing users to effortlessly update and customise their lighting displays according to changing needs or preferences.

The Lumaire LED Light Panels mark a significant milestone in Firstlite’s commitment to excellence. Meg says, “We believe these panels will redefine how spaces are illuminated, offering not just light but an experience. Firstlite continues to pioneer innovative lighting solutions, and the Lumaire series is a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.”

About FirstLite LED Systems Limited:

FirstLite LED Systems Limited is a leading supplier of LED modules to the UK sign market, with over a decade of experience in the industry. Independently owned and committed to innovation, FirstLite is dedicated to providing high-quality LED solutions backed by a focus on customer service, training, and consultancy.