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Glimpse of lighting at Bradford’s new Darley Street Market

Bradford has had a glimpse of how the new Darley Street Market will look when it’s lit up at night, as the new internal and external low energy LED lighting system was tested by installers.

Intelligent lighting control systems which are linked to the building management control system have been installed throughout the market, as well as feature lighting, which has been used both internally and externally on the project.

A key detail of the lighting scheme is the ability to control it using an intelligent scene setting feature, which means the lighting can be used for key occasions throughout the year or to highlight key dates.

All the lighting in the market uses the latest LED technology which is energy efficient and has a projected long life to reduce maintenance costs and disruption to traders.

The internal lights have two stages with 100% lighting levels for when the building is open to the public and a dimmed lower level of lighting when the building is being cleaned and prepared for trading. Lighting in areas not receiving natural light are also powered by surplus energy from the solar panels on the roof.

The building has also been designed to take advantage of as much natural light as possible. The roof has glazing sections which allows lots of natural light into the upper floors and atrium. Special glass is also used which allows natural light to flood in but also reduced glare from the sun and reflects heat to keep the building cool in the summer and warm in winter.

The new under-construction market will offer three floors of non-food, fresh food, and hot food and drink market stalls, kiosks and bars, as well as a stage, indoor screens, large outdoor screen, and umbrellas for hosting events on the market square.

Colin Wolstenholme, Markets Manager at Bradford Council, said: “The testing of the lighting system at the new market is the latest in the progress of this exciting development. Alongside our traders we’re looking forward to opening the market later this year.”

David Wilson, senior project manager at Kier Construction North & Scotland says: “I’m incredibly proud of the work our site teams have delivered on this project and I’m looking forward to seeing the market and the local area flourish once it is in operation.”