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ICEL Emergency Lighting Competence Framework: Elevating Safety, Competence, and Responsibility in the Emergency Lighting Industry

In the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, the emergency lighting sector is undergoing a transformative journey, committed to enhancing safety standards and preventing future tragedies.

ICEL (Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting) member companies have been at the forefront of driving industry progress, demonstrating an unwavering dedication to advancing safety and performance. The upcoming ICEL Emergency Lighting Conference 2023, scheduled for 14th September at the Cavendish Conference Centre in London, marks a pivotal moment for the emergency lighting domain, attracting major contractors, FM companies, and specifiers.

Against the backdrop of the 2018 “Building a Safer Future” report, known as the Hackitt Report, the focus is on the imperative of competence within the built environment sector. The report’s call for a shift from rigid regulations to an outcomes-based approach emphasises competence as crucial for safeguarding individuals’ well-being.

In direct response to the call for proactive measures, ICEL has developed an Emergency Lighting Individual Competence Framework. This comprehensive blueprint fosters competence at both individual and organisational levels and defines the competencies needed across six critical domains – product design, specification, system design, installation, sales & distribution and testing & maintenance, instilling unwavering confidence in all emergency lighting activities.

Central to the ICEL Emergency Lighting Competence Framework is the strategic mapping of routes to competence and robust mechanisms for recording evidence. These routes encompass qualifications, professional registrations, training and demonstrations of experience and behaviour. ICEL’s commitment involves the continuous validation of competence throughout professionals’ careers, fostering a culture of ongoing improvement.

The forthcoming ICEL Emergency Lighting Conference 2023 stands as a beacon for sharing insights into the ICEL Emergency Lighting Competence Framework. The conference offers a unique opportunity to engage, enlighten, and empower.