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Industville’s NEW Matt Black Lighting Collection will Complement any Style of Hotel, Restaurant, Café or Bar.

As makers of handcrafted, uniquely created industrial-style lights, Industville use only the highest quality materials for a hardwearing finish and authentic look. Their extensive range now includes an exciting new matt black collection that brings even more choice for their trade customers looking to update or refresh any room in their commercial setting.

The industrial trend is one that’s here to stay. It’s a look that is constantly evolving and the latest designs for commercial interiors are all about embracing a dark, luxurious feel. The dark trend will complement any style of Hotel, Restaurant, Café or Bar, whether it’s for a complete refurbishment project or updating a few elements within a scheme. For best results, careful attention to the lighting is key. Matt black designs are ultra-versatile and can complement any interior style – classic, contemporary, Scandi, mid-century, industrial and everything in between; it’s like a piece of jewellery that accessorises and blends seamlessly within any décor.

From the moment guests walk through your door to the reception or entrance, they begin to notice various aspects that contribute towards shaping their all-important first impression; therefore, your choice of lighting can significantly affect the way they view your establishment. Marketa Rypacek, Managing Director at Industville, advises “The key here is to maintain the brand concept of your hotel, bar or restaurant. Lighting should be used to create a luxurious and welcoming feel, resulting in a place your customers will want to spend time in and return to. To achieve this, lighting should be approached in a layered manner. This ensures all the architectural and design features of the room are highlighted, from ceiling to floor. Embrace the whole range of lighting sources available from pendant lights, recessed lights and chandeliers, to track lighting, lamps and spot lighting. I advise customers to vary the lighting in a room to create little pockets and pools of light. Accent lighting can then be used to highlight a piece of artwork, plants or architectural features in the room.”

Industville’s new collection includes pendants and wall lights in all-black or black with a copper or brass combination for a hint of metallic luxe. Mix and match with existing Industville fittings or purchase the complete fitting if planning a whole new lighting scheme. Marketa explains the inspiration for the new range, “Introducing our on-trend black lighting collection was actually inspired by our customers who would frequently request bespoke black lighting to be produced for them for their commercial project. Working on these designs and bringing them to our production team further developed the idea to make this available for all our trade customers, new and existing.”

The lighting used within a commercial environment should reflect the establishment’s brand story and hence business owners will want to use lighting made from the highest quality materials. Not only will this enhance the overall atmosphere, it can improve perceptions of their brand, giving it individual flair. Marketa explains “At Industville all of our lights are handcrafted from quality materials such as pure brass or copper. Investing in quality also means the lights will last longer and with energy consumption levels likely to be high in hotels, bars and restaurants, this is something to bear in mind. Industville bulbs utilise eco-friendly, cost-effective LED technology making them both practical and stylish.” Marketa continues “Our designs are versatile, high-quality and created to coordinate beautifully with any of our other styles. For our trade customers, this means that if they want to purchase a new lighting product in a few months or even years’ time, they won’t need an entirely new light or suite of products for their refurbishment, as any new Industville product will fit right in, ultimately saving the business money.”

“Industrial interiors have been popular for decades,” says Marketa Rypacek, Managing Director at Industville, “and are always evolving to accommodate our growing needs and lifestyle changes. Here at Industville we embrace this by incorporating and adopting the latest trends.”

There are many ways the dark interior trend can be incorporated into a commercial environment without the risk of dating the interior in years to come. The trend lends itself well to a timeless design, as it can include classic features which never go out of style, such as lighting. Marketa explains the appeal of raw materials and dark interiors, “Raw materials, especially high-quality metals, is one of the main features of industrial design that is here to stay. The latest trend combines the raw and rusty, with the sleek and modern. This transition freshens up the signature industrial aesthetic, providing an excellent opportunity for creative expression. When it comes to creating a feeling of luxury, dark tones are where it’s at. We see dark and luxurious bars and restaurants being on the hot list, as well as dark-toned entrance lobbies and customer restrooms too. The light that emanates from dark fittings creates an impressive and dramatic impact in any interior and this is why we are so proud to introduce our new matt black collection.”