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LITE and Goboservice Collaboration Offers Premium Projecting Solutions for Projects

Leading LED lighting solutions provider LITE has expanded its extensive range of project capabilities through its pioneering partnership with Italian manufacturer Goboservice. Goboservice specialises in custom gobos and low-consumption, high-definition projectors that illuminate buildings, streets, and businesses around the world.

Known for their high-quality performance and impressive brightness, Goboservices gobos and projectors are a perfectly aligned addition to LITE’s carefully curated portfolio. Goboservice products are suitable for a wide range of both indoor and outdoor uses, with the capability to project custom images, logos, symbols, and signals across a plethora of applications.

Since 2002, Goboservice has been a leading worldwide brand in the production of custom gobos and gobo-projectors, perfecting its production technique over time to ensure that products are 100% Made in Italy and crafted by the design team to communicate something new for the specific needs of each target market, whether that is architectural and decorative lighting, to industrial and commercial signage.

This adaptable solution is perfect for illuminating buildings, walls, streets, roofs, trees, and rocks, projecting safety signage, architectural mapping, projections, commercial messaging, and branding for events both inside and outside.

Goboservices luminaires are an environmentally friendly and intelligent solution, significantly reducing the total use of energy and therefore carbon emissions, allowing clients to make a significant contribution to combating climate change by specifying them on projects.

With sustainability now at the forefront for the majority of clients enlisting the services of LITE, the environmentally friendly credentials of Goboservices projectors align with the brand’s ethos. When it comes to technical capabilities, the choice of static or dynamic themes, alongside mapping technology, is a huge benefit to a breadth of projects and events in the hospitality, entertainment, commercial, and heritage sectors.

An example of LITE creatively utilising gobo-projectors in their work is showcased in the Mathew Street, Liverpool project. Liverpool BID Company appointed LITE Architectural to supply the lighting solutions for the five Cavern Quarter Archways which decorate and signpost the entrances to Mathew Street. The five archways restoration was such a success that LITE was also appointed to complete a full design, supply and installation of a range of Gobo projectors to illuminate the walkways along Mathew Street. LITE worked alongside Liverpool BID to create and source around 24 bespoke designs for imagery that could be projected onto the walkway. This included images of musical notes, and the logos of bars and restaurants that the projectors were placed outside – The Cavern Club, Erics, and Rubber Soul. Icons as a nod to The Beatles include strawberries, diamonds and even a yellow submarine, projected along the street and in front of the Beatles Museum.

LITE’s Managing Director Steve Hainsworth says, “LITE is thrilled to be collaborating with Goboservice. By offering their range of high-tech projectors and gobos, all alongside their enviable reputation, to our clients, we can offer solutions for a wide variety of purposes including celebrations, launch events, awards ceremonies, and much more. The unrivalled quality, performance and environmentally friendly considerations which go into each projector mean that we can be proud to specify these solutions for a range of applications in any sector.”

Giuseppe Dedola International Sales Director at Goboservice added, “We are overjoyed to be able to work so closely with LITE and their clients, and to see our projectors being specified for incredible projects across a wide range of sectors. We have specially designed our gobos to be versatile enough for a variety of applications and LITE will bring their capabilities to life beautifully in hospitality, commercial, entertainment, heritage projects and more.”