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Lucent Lighting Illuminate Luxury Dining at Six By Nico, Cardiff

Six By Nico, Cardiff

Six By Nico is a unique restaurant experience, and its first Wales destination in Cardiff is located on the high street in the heart of the city. Six By Nico offers a six-course tasting menu which changes every six weeks, each themed on a different place and idea. Their latest offering is inspired by the street food of Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi. To celebrate the vibrant flavours of the city and bustling culture, Six by Nico collaborated with talented and creative Vietnamese contributors to create the new menu.

Matching the dynamic menu, the interior of the restaurant is inspired by the original features of the space in keeping with Cardiff’s medieval and Victorian Gothic architecture, with vibrant modern additions. Interior Designers Studio Two Interiors created the striking interior design, specifying lighting solutions from Lucent Lighting’s extensive range.

The interiors are warm and inviting yet have a vibrant energy to lend to the excitement and buzz of Six By Nico’s ever-changing menu. Gothic features such as stained-glass screening, artwork and murals lend homage to the traditional aspects of the space and nearby Cardiff Castle. The new design concept that Studio Two have created for the brand offers a core DNA palette that adapts to every new location, pulling inspiration from locational cues to offer a different experience in every venue.

Lucent’s range of contemporary and adaptable features are used to draw the eye to the architectural features of the design. The Inground40 fittings are used to dramatically uplight the arches from below, while the Tube LED Nano spotlight illuminates the bold Roman columns. Ambient lighting for diners is introduced through recessed downlights above the tables, creating an intimate atmosphere. Excitement is brought to the bar area by mini tubular spotlights, highlighting the glasses and bottles on display.

The lighting is a key part of evolving the spaces to allow them to transition from day- time offerings to intimate evening settings. The design introduces individuality inspired by each location while ensuring a strong overall brand image that diners can come to expect from the Six By Nico experience.

Project credits:
Client – Six by Nico
Interior Designer – Studio Two Interiors

Project Manager: Giovanni Premi – Lucent Lighting

Photography – Studio Two Interiors

Products used:

EDGE 60 adjustable downlight

EDGE 90 accent downlight
ProSpex Tube LED mini high output tubular spotlight

InGround 40 uplight

Vista mini spotlight

ProSpex Tube LED Nano tubular spotlight