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Lucent Lighting illuminate the perfect family home

Tucked away in East Dulwich lies the perfect family home, this gorgeous residential project has been created by dream team, Leo Wood of Kinder Design and Rupert Scott of Open Practice Architecture. The duo has worked on their second family home project together.

Completed in March 2022, the brief was to create a warm, inviting and well laid out space to welcome guests and enjoy quality family time. The method was to ensure this project was brought to life as sustainably as possible using natural materials and elements. The residential property uses an air source heat pump rather than gas, second hand furniture and beautiful natural materials are used throughout.

It was important to the pair of design industry experts that their home reflect their combined passion for architecture and design, whilst still honouring the solace of a family home. Using honest and natural materials along with a complementary lighting scheme, the vision was created.

When it came to curating a sense of warmth and comfort, Lucent Lighting were appointed to supply a range of lighting solutions to bring the vision to life, elevating the space and bringing radiance to the rooms. Reflecting on the project, Leo Wood, Kinder Design said, ‘‘Lucent Lighting were the natural choice when selecting luminaires for the home and provide a warm and soft glow throughout. Nestled within the wood panelled ceiling the fittings create a minimal and sleek look but offer impactful illumination, creating a cosy atmosphere. Working with Giovanni Premi of Lucent Lighting was a dream, with his expert knowledge of the products, our vision has been perfectly complemented and brought to fruition.’’

Lucent luminaries have amplified the clients brief to illuminate this beautiful interior for this dynamic design duo. Using TUBE LED MINI ceiling mounted and Prospex Mini conical LED Downlighters this welcoming family home offers a rich and inviting atmosphere to enjoy with family and friends.

Project Credits:

  • Contractor: Evoke Projects
  • Interior Design: Kinder Design
  • Architecture: Open practice
  • Lighting: Lucent Lighting
  • Photography: Sabab Khan