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Lucent Lighting Illuminates Luxurious Five-Star Hotel in Thessaloniki, Greece

The Marriot Autograph welcomes its latest addition, the Monasty Hotel, the first international five-star hotel in the centre of Thessaloniki, Greece. Located near the iconic Aristotelous Square and Saint Theodora convent, this striking architecture was the inspiration for the hotel’s identity and reflected throughout its design.

The key aim of the lighting was to discreetly illuminate the architecture and interiors, accenting the materiality of the surfaces while enhancing the atmosphere. Architectural design by D2C2 architects and DelBlu Architetti, with interior design by Not Another Number Architects, was incorporated with lighting design by Eleftheria Deko & Associates. Eleftheria Deko & Associates specified Lucent Lighting’s product range for this project, bringing to light the ecclesiastical references and inspiration.

The hotel’s design is minimalist throughout, from the architecture to the natural colour palette and textures. Yet the guestrooms stand out with striking architecture, featuring unique fixtures and decorative touches which reflect the ecclesiastical inspiration. The subtle lighting illuminates the warm colours to create a soft and welcoming ambience, promoting comfort and relaxation.

Lucent’s Edge90 Accent Trim downlight blends seamlessly into the ceiling design, casting a discreet downwards glow to set the atmosphere and capture details by accenting intricate details with light. Micro40 Disc round fixed miniature downlights are also implemented throughout public areas and guestrooms, with a black, anti-glare shield for a subtle radiance.

Lucent’s products are used to cast several lighting layers throughout each space, creating varied moods and tones. The lighting shifts to warmer tones as the day progresses, transitioning from day to night to reflect an intimate mood and atmosphere. The lighting is controlled by an architectural lighting control system, providing low power consumption and flexibility for the hotel.

The hotel is a unique venue full of character, the lighting design amplifies the stunning interiors to achieve an overall charming and welcoming atmosphere for guests to enjoy while on a luxurious visit to Greece.

Project credits:

Client – Michaniki Perivallontos
Architect – D2C2 Architects & Engineers και οι DelBlu Architetti, Greece

Lighting Design – Eleftheria Deko & Associates, Greece

Interior Design – Not A Number Architects, Greece

Photography – Gavriil Papadiotis / Archive: Eleftheria Deko