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Lucent Lighting illuminates new social dining hub in Riyadh

A revolutionary social dining hub in the Middle East has been brought to life with a plethora of LED solutions from leading manufacturer of performance architectural lighting, Lucent Lighting.

The Al Mamlaka is a luxury food hall found in the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh. Located in the popular Kingdom Tower, it sits within the shopping mall that is found inside this uber-impressive skyscraper. With around 500 seats, the new venture brings together high-quality food from different global cuisines offered by a staggering 21 vendors. It has replaced the outdated food hall that was no longer fitting for the exquisite nature of the Kingdom Tower.

With food available for almost 24-hours each day, the lighting needed to reflect the time of day for diners. From early morning coffee and breakfast to late night refuelling, diners would be enjoying the culinary options at all times of the day. The lighting also needed to enhance the luxury and refined experience offered by the new dining hub.

Renowned lighting designers Lighting Design International (LDI) were appointed to the project. Their team chose a wide range of solutions from Lucent Lighting’s expert portfolio to deliver their stunning lighting scheme. These were the uplights, spike lights and downlights required across the expanse of the dining hall.

Lucent Lighting’s InGround40 uplights, in a sophisticated Bronze finish, have been used for floor-recessed lighting in the exterior decorative panels and pots. These provide a superior CRI of 90, and a high-level of protection as an IP67 rated luminaire. This is ideal in a busy and bustling space, as well as being exposed to the elements.

The InGround40 has also been used to provide light at the window reveals, and the decorative panels of the dining hall’s numerous columns.

Spike lighting has been provided by Lucent Lighting’s Vista Mini Spot spike lights, and Vista Mini Flood spike lights. These have been used to provide illumination from the dining hall’s planters. The Mini spike delivers a narrow beam angle, while the Flood balances this with a wide 120° beam angle.

Also selected from Lucent’s expert portfolio, are a number of downlights that have been integrated into the lighting design. Pinhole90 recessed downlights c/w LED51/2 modules have been used as exterior downlights at the entry canopy.

Across the dining hall, Lucent Lighting’s Edge90 and Edge60 fixed recessed downlights provide lighting at various points. This includes ceiling recessed downlights at the false ceiling, and the restroom downlights. The Edge60 is also being used as a bulkhead recessed downlight for task area illumination, and in the canopy for plate illumination.

The adjustable variant, the Edge60 Accent, is being used in the canopy as a recessed downlight for counter illumination with the ability to position the light as required.

Completing the specification from Lucent Lighting is the Micro40 Ocolus, a recessed downlight that has been integrated into the joinery to illuminate the shelves. This is also an adjustable solution so the light source can be directed where it is needed the most.

All of the luminaires provided by Lucent Lighting offer a colour temperature of 2700K, delivering a consistently warm glow. To ensure clarity of colour, 90 CRI is the standard across all of the solutions provided by Lucent.

Project credits:
Lighting Design – Lighting Design International (LDI)
Photography – Gavriil Papadiotis