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Mackwell drives forward the Circular Economy message

Emergency lighting, systems and solutions expert Mackwell recently held a well-attended webinar offering expert insights into ‘Seamless and Scalable Emergency Lighting Ecosystems’.


Attendees were welcomed by Rene Joppi, Managing Director of Mackwell.

The keynote address was delivered by renowned industry expert Bob Bohannon, Head of Policy & Academy at the LIA. Bob explored the Circular Economy and Emergency Lighting, beginning with an overview of the problems caused by the existing linear approach to the product lifecycle.

The presentation then looked at the benefits of the Circular Economy, which keeps lighting at its most valuable for as long as possible. Bob shared his expert knowledge on the subject and offered practical steps that can be taken. This includes how to secure the best life of a battery – do not overcharge, consider your battery charging algorithm and not to keep disconnecting the supply and fully discharging.

Bob advised participants of the important role that CIBSE’s Technical Memorandum TM66 and Circular Economy Assessment Method play in offering advice and guidance to the emergency lighting sector.

Webinar attendees also heard an overview of Mackwell’s new product launches. The new NLight® Ecosystem is a complete, scalable and integrated monitoring solution for Mackwell emergency systems. It allows wired and wireless monitoring, as well as cloud connectivity in one system. This means clients can get everything they need from the Mackwell NLight® Ecosystem.

As part of the Ecosystem, Mackwell has launched the NLight® CONNECT+ that delivers live status, diagnosis, automatic monitoring and testing. Also in the Ecosystem are the NLight® AIR, a wireless counterpart of the CONNECT+; and the NLight®  Cloud, an optional remote monitoring service that is fully compatible with the other elements.

Moving onto batteries, Mackwell unveiled the MW-LiFe, Mackwell’s new intelligent and safe LiFePO4 lithium battery technology platform. Offering temperature feedback and control to ensure maximum safety, the MW-LiFe is compatible with the ORIGIN 2.0 operating system for intelligent charging and battery management.

Customers can alternatively choose the Mackwell Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery; a highly sustainable, recyclable and safe option.

Regardless of whether MW-LiFe or NiMH technology is chosen, the battery will be backed up by Mackwell’s 6 years+ warranty covering luminaire driver and battery.

Mackwell also used the webinar to launch the new XYLUX LRX range of recessed emergency luminaires. With the options ranging from 200 lumens to 900 lumens, the LRX range offers interchangeable optics for open area, escape route or emphasis point applications. IP65 options are available, as are standard, DALI and NLight® AIR wireless variants.

As an alternative to this, while offering the same benefits, the XYLUX LSX range is a new collection of surface mounted luminaires with compact, attractive design and IP65 ingress protection throughout..

Mackwell’s XYLUX TRACK-X range of popular track emergency luminaires has also been upgraded and expanded. All versions now have a choice of MW-LiFe or NiMH batteries, with an extended warranty. There are two form factors, depending on track type and control protocol. 

Adding to the extensive catalogue of product launches, the XYVEX Exit Signs range has now been updated to offer all versions with a choice of MW-LiFe or NiMH batteries with the extended warranty. The new EXD range incorporates the original XYVEX format with a new BESA mount option with NLight® AIR wireless capability. Recessed, semi-recessed, wall, ceiling and suspended options are all available.

Mackwell will be hosting an in-person event in London soon, where delegates will be able to hear from experts on key topics in the emergency lighting sector. The date is to be confirmed and will be announced on Mackwell’s website and social media channels.