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Make your lighting fit your mood’ says Gira

Gira, one of the world’s leading full-range suppliers for intelligent build environments share its knowledge on how interior lighting can support your lifestyle with the latest wired and wireless smart home solutions.

“Interior lighting can emulate your mood in the home and we are proud to offer the latest smart home systems and controls, so your lights are able to react to your needs without having to touch a button. Leading the field in smart lighting and home technology, Gira is here to make your life easier and enable your lighting to reflect your lifestyle 24/7” says Jacob de Muijnck, Director, Gira UK.

Smart lighting controls enable you to create, save, recall and even automate mood lighting settings known as scenes – so you no longer have to adjust them from dawn to dusk, it’s all done for you. You can save different scenes under a unique name and the smart home technology will take care of the rest. Having the freedom to customise your mood lighting scenes means you can make sure that your lighting will always complement your life whether you want a romantic night in, are working or studying from home or entertaining your friends and family.

Once your scenes are on your system you can have complete automated or manual control, so that you can schedule supportive lighting scenes around the clock or call them up as and when required. And you can keep creating new scenes manually, whenever you wish. For example, a ‘waking up’ scene for mornings could turn on lights to a gentle, dimmed setting every weekday at 7am and then increase the brightness every minute to ensure gentle waking.

Another scene could be ‘going to bed’, and can be set to make all lights switch off automatically at a defined time, except the night lights in your bathroom.

With the help of the latest advanced smart home solutions from premium manufacturers, you now can set as many mood lighting scenes as you want with either a wired (KNX) or wireless Smart Home system.

If you want a KNX system, you’ll need a reliable, high-performance server which manage even the most complicated tasks and then ensure everything runs smoothly without you giving it even a second thought. Your server will need to be connected to an electrical KNX installation, which is wired into your home, as well as the internet and your computer network so that you can easily connect different technology and functions, to create the mood lighting scenes (or scenes with other functions such as heating, entertainment and blind control) of your choice.

You will also need a smart control unit for creating, saving and activating your desired lighting settings – this can be via a smartphone app or a control panel. If you want to go to the next level, you can also control premium servers with your voice. You’ll need a secure encrypted connection for remote access, and a language assistant, such as the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, so that you can use voice commands.

Another benefit of having a KNX system is that you can create If This, Then That (IFTTT) connections to make your lighting completely automated. IFTTT is a popular cloud service, which integrates devices and apps so that they can all ‘talk’ to each other even when they are made by different brands. So if your smart alarm clock goes off in the morning, then your ‘morning’ lighting scene will switch on automatically in your bedroom. This works because you have defined certain sequences, known as ‘applets’. They will assign each ‘if this’ (trigger) to one or more ‘then that’s’ (actions) in the system as a whole. You can match each to a trigger of your choice – so if you want to turn off the TV and lights at the same time, you can set the trigger ‘switch off the TV’ and the action ‘going to bed’ lighting scene for easy living and convenience.

A wireless system is a good choice if you want to upgrade your house into a smart home without wires and cabling in the walls. Instead, you can send commands to your smart lighting devices via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi from a dedicated wireless home server. Wireless set-ups are more flexible in comparison to a KNX smart home, and are designed for any small to moderate living space, making them ideal for upgrading any property of any age with the latest home automation systems and technology.

“It’s simple to create and trigger lighting scenes with a wireless system, by using an app on your smart device or manual control via the top unit. You can also use a console unit and voice control too. So, instead of reaching for your smartphone to turn on the light, you can simply say, ‘Alexa, good morning” to activate the pre-set ‘morning’ lighting scene’.

“In response to rising demand for smart home technology and increased connectivity in the UK home, Gira is very pleased to offer a great range of user-friendly KNX and wireless products and systems such as the Gira HomeServer and the Gira X1 mini server for KNX and the wireless Gira eNet SMART HOME. In partnership with our dedicated Gira smart home apps and state-of-the-art security and data protection, our devices will anticipate your lighting needs, ensuring that it will enhance your wellbeing all around the clock.”