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Millions of fluorescent luminaires are phased out – updated AllFive offers highest energy efficiency

As all conventional fluorescent tubes within the EU region are to be replaced with high-quality LEDs, one specific luminaire stands out. With an updated – and future-proof – version of AllFive, Fagerhult is launching a highly energy-efficient IP44 luminaire at just the right time.

Being one of Fagerhult’s best-selling and most appreciated universal luminaires, AllFive has lit up storage rooms, corridors, and garages for decades. With long-term efficiency and quality in absolute focus, we have now put the archetypal luminaire in a new light.

“The launch comes at exactly the right time, as all fluorescent tubes are to be phased out, along with high energy costs. Replacing our previous fluorescent tube version of AllFive with an AllFive LED the energy saving is 53%. By just adding lighting control, you can save 79% energy in corridors and up to 95% in garages,” says Christer Liljegren, Product and Application Manager at Fagerhult.

Easier installation

The luminaire is thoroughly optimized and is now available in three lengths (600, 1200 and 1500 mm). Its new design also makes it exceptionally easy to install; the end-cap opens with a push, the louvre is easy to release, and the luminaire is connected in just a few simple steps. The cable entry is integrated into the molding of the end-cap and the location of the keyholes makes it easy to replace existing fluorescent lamp luminaires with similar c/c dimensions.

“We have done our utmost to make AllFive even easier to handle, from installation through possible renovations to future component replacements. That makes it a good investment both today and, in the future,” says Christer Liljegren.

Good light for everyone, always

AllFive has a carefully worked-out micro-prismatic louvre, providing a pleasant and subdued light. The luminaire is particularly suitable for spaces used less regularly or where daylight will not reach. Regardless of the application there are now even greater possibilities for using lighting controls to save energy.

“With our wireless Plug and Play system Organic Response, AllFive can be effectively controlled via the same lighting control system as any other lighting. You’ll get the right amount of light at the right place when needed.” concludes Christer Liljegren.