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More choice from Pharos with the launch of two new products

Lighting controls specialist Pharos Architectural Controls is bolstering its award-winning portfolio with the introduction of two new remote device solutions – RIO D4 and RIO G4.

Pharos RIOs – Remote Input Output devices – provide convenient Power-over-Ethernet solutions enabling a variety of show control, integration, and data infrastructure distribution over the control network.

The RIO D4 is a new DALI remote device. Each RIO D4 supports the distribution of four DALI buses in a low-profile, cost-effective plastic DIN enclosure, which can be used as an output for control and as an input for triggering. Each device can be placed where it is needed and connected to Pharos controllers over an Ethernet network.

Pharos is also announcing the new RIO G4, a four-port Ethernet network gateway, supporting the distribution of four DMX/SDI universes – also in the new enclosure style. Configuring and patching to the RIO G4 will be the same as for the 10 and 20-port Designer EDNs, seamlessly allowing more choices when planning DMX distribution across a Pharos installation, and with the reassurance of using Pharos hardware all the way to the fixture.

The Pharos RIO D4 and RIO G4 will be available to order from May 2024, with shipping expected in July 2024.

Jack Neill, Senior Product Manager at Pharos Architectural Controls said: “RIOs are a popular and essential part of customising a Pharos control solution with the ports and protocols needed to fulfil any installation requirements. With these two great new products, which will be easy to install, cost-effective and reliable, clients can get even more choice over the system that best suits the needs of their project.”

The RIO D4 and RIO G4 will be compatible with Pharos Designer controllers when support is introduced in v2.13 of the Designer 2 software.