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Mullan Lighting

In this Instagram Reel, Maria introduces our new show-stopping Siena chandelier. This is a statement Art Deco chandelier that is sure to create a focal point in any interior setting.
There are four chandeliers in total in the Siena collectionfive-lighteight-light13-light and 21-light (as featured below). Click through to view the product on our website and to watch the full video.

Instagram Reel -  Siena chandelier

Meet the Maker – Every Week on Instagram

Every Thursday we invite you to submit questions about our design and manufacturing processes over on our Instagram in a Q&A session. We call it ‘Meet the Maker’.
Our team members will be on-hand to show you how we design and manufacture our tailor-made light fixtures. Our Meet the Maker series can be found on our Instagram Stories every Thursday and Friday.