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Par 18 | Catellani & Smith

The signature feature of the new Par 18 models by Catellani & Smith are the spherical “golf glass” elements, made from blown glass and shaped in a mould specifically designed for the purpose by Bohemian master glassmakers to obtain an exclusive texture based on the technical specifications and drawings by Catellani & Smith.

The aim was to maintain the transparency of the glass, while at the same time creating distinctive effects thanks to the interaction of the light with the irregular inner surface of the spheres.

The new series is composed of the striking Par 18 Chandelier and the Par 18 wall lamp.

Par 18 Chandelier is a creation replete with character, suitable for residential, contract and hotel settings.

Over the last few years, the development of a low-voltage system with premium-quality, interchangeable light sources has allowed Catellani & Smith to create bespoke chandeliers able to meet a variety of requests from customers. A splendid new entry to this project is Par 18 Chandelier, which can be customised with bases of different sizes and with different finishes, with the number and height of the elements determined by the customer. In addition, Par 18 Chandelier can be made using spheres with the same diameter (8 cm or 16 cm), or a combination of both sizes.

Thanks to the transparency of the glass and the slender cables that support the pendants, Par 18 Chandelier offers a splendidly light, elegant composition, as well as a distinctive lighting effect.

Par 18 is a wall lamp, available in the two standard finishes black and white.

The extremely low-voltage COB LED source of Par 18 casts a diffused light, and creates an enchanting pattern of shadows on the wall or ceiling, thanks to the irregular inner surface of the 16 cm glass sphere. Incorporated into the circular base is a brass joint that enables a 350° rotation on the horizontal axis and up to 90° on the vertical axis, so that the beam of light can be adjusted in the desired direction and enchanting light effects recreated on the wall.