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Pharos Architectural Controls is an award-winning British manufacturer of dynamic lighting control solutions for architecture and other specialist industries. Our products are highly flexible, versatile and powerful, and trusted to run day and night illuminating iconic installations around the world – from international landmarks and historic architecture to theme parks, airports, stadiums, bridges, shopping malls, art installations, and more.

Pharos is part of the Carallon group of companies, an independently-owned product development house specialising in innovative control systems. Its design team is the best of its kind – a group of highly motivated individuals committed to the creation and ongoing development of industry-leading products. Within that team is a wealth of experience in the field of advanced control solutions, with principal members responsible for ground-breaking entertainment lighting control consoles, architectural lighting systems and video processing technology.
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LightFair International 

Lightfair is where lighting design and technology manufacturers, innovators, and professionals converge every year to discover, connect, share, and get inspired. More than a trade show, conference, and networking event, it’s where we shape the future. In the event, exhibitors will get an opportunity to showcase their innovative products and service like daylighting products, luminaire types, lamp holders and switches, meters, high-end fixtures, mounting devices light sources, exterior luminaries, lighting control components, contemporary, and many more. The LightFair Conference offers world-class lighting education where attendees can earn CEUs and connect with the industry’s best and brightest minds.