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Pharos hits the jackpot at the Holland Casino Utrecht

The Dutch city of Utrecht is the fourth largest in the Netherlands and attracts a significant number of international and domestic visitors each year. One of the most recent additions to its range of entertainment destinations is the glittering new Holland Casino; a striking building adorned in gold.

This glamourous new casino blends sophistication with welcoming hospitality, a perfect combination reflective of the Holland Casino brand, and something the company aspires to at every one of its venues.

Designed by OZ Architects, the brief was to create a diamond-shaped building, adorned in gold, that was also completely covered in light. As well as illuminating the entire building and using the façade to display content, it was also important that the building met the criteria for the BREAAM sustainability certification. Keeping light pollution to a minimum was crucial.

System integrator Livingprojects worked closely with Lighting Designer Siegrid Siederius on behalf of Arup to deliver the vision of Holland Casino. The façade is structured with individual panels, and an LED fixture is built into each one. The fixtures are not directly visible, ensuring indirect light for viewers. The panels of the façade reflect the light for a seamless integration that delivers stunning results.

As well as the golden façade being fully illuminated in the evenings, content can also be displayed on the panels. This ensures the casino can respond to special themes or days through the use of the media façade. The custom-made lighting system allows for a different colour to be introduced every 100mm, making it possible to create a dynamic display and even show detailed video content.

The dynamic lighting is controlled by a system from Pharos Architectural Controls. The installation uses the Pharos VLC 500 (Video Lighting Controller) – a high-power yet cost-effective architectural lighting control solution suitable for large LED pixel arrays, including building façades – making it the perfect choice for the Holland Casino Utrecht.

The addition of 32 Pharos EDN 20 (Ethernet Data Node) remote devices, each with 20 DMX outputs, provides a convenient and scalable solution that delivers cost-effective Ethernet-distributed DMX ports for large control projects.

A Pharos TPC (Touch Panel Controller) is due to be added soon, offering users an advanced lighting playback engine through a sleek touch screen device.

Bas Hoksbergen from Pharos said: “It was a privilege to be involved in the newest Holland Casino project. As a visionary brand, their locations always break the mould, and the end results are always stunning.

“Livingprojects and their partners deliver above and beyond every time, and Pharos relishes every opportunity to work alongside them.”

Coupled with the luxurious façade, the casino’s entrance adds to the excitement and awe-inspiring experience. Livingprojects worked with Rovasta to develop a 40m long light that shows dynamic content and wows visitors from the moment they step inside.

With more than 9000 fixtures, suitable locations for the cabling, connections, and the Pharos control system itself had to be carefully identified to ensure both safety and style were achieved.

As such the EDN 20s are placed in stainless steel outdoor cabinets, together with all the power supplies and fibre optic network components. The VLC and TPC are placed inside the central networking area of the Casino.

The new casino in Utrecht adds to the growing portfolio of the Holland Casino locations and follows hot on the heels of the recently opened venue in the municipality of Venlo.

Project credits:

Lighting Design: Arup

System integrator: Livingprojects

Architect: OZ Architects

Lighting designer: Arup – Siegrid Siderius

Contractor: Wessels Zeist

Constructor: Van der Vorm Engineering

Facade: Aldowa

Client: Holland Casino