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Revealed: Natural Lighting now a Key Property Feature for Home Buyers
  • A new report by Royal London has revealed the most desirable property features home buyers are looking for, as well as the property features that made lockdown harder
  • 16% of respondents said lack of natural lighting in their homes made lockdown harder
  • 34% of respondents moving to a new house are looking for more natural lighting

The Covid-19 restrictions and lockdown measures have seen millions of UK households set up remote offices in their homes. With so much time being spent indoors, it was inevitable that there would be a change in what people want and require from their home. A new report by Royal London has surveyed current and pending home movers to reveal the property features that made the lockdown harder, the new property features they desire, and the areas of the UK they’re looking to move to, whether these be more rural or urban.

The property features that have made lockdown harder

Spending so much time indoors is challenging for anyone. However, according to new research by Royal London, the top features that made lockdown harder, according to home movers were small garden/outdoor area (33%), lack of indoor space (27%) and no outdoor space (24%).

The full list can be seen in the table below:

Feature  % of respondents
Small garden space/outdoor area 33%
Lack of indoor space 27%
No outdoor space 24%
Lack of workspace 21%
Lack of parking 17%
The location has poor quality internet 16%
Lack of natural lighting 16%

The property features home movers now desire

It would appear that lockdown has changed much more than how our homes and gardens are laid out.

Since the lockdown in March, there have been 90,000 Google searches every month for ‘dogs for sale’ – so, it is no surprise that 28% of house movers are now looking for extra space for pets. Additionally, we can also see that house movers are beginning to look for properties in a location with home offices, and high-speed internet, as well as those with more open floor plans and more parking.

The most sought-after features for house movers and flat movers are:

Feature  % of respondents moving into a house/bungalow % of respondents moving into a flat
More indoor space 51% 39%
More outdoor space 46% 30% (balcony area)
More natural lighting 34% 30%
Space for pets 28% 13%
More open floor plans 27% 25%
Home office 27% 21%
The property to be in an area where high-speed internet is available 25% 33%
More parking 24% 21%
Fewer open floor plans 23% 23%

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