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Spectral Lighting launches OCARA at Light 22; a new concept in Personal Circadian Lighting.

Spectral Lighting, part of the RIDI Group has long championed the research, education and development of Circadian Lighting and has launched OCARA, an exciting new solution at Light 22. This is the new architectural lighting exhibition at the BDC London which took place on November 22nd and 23rd  this year.
OCARA was developed in conjunction with award winning lighting design team Andres + Partner who since 1986 have dedicated themselves to creating a balance between lighting technology and human experience. ‘The aim of our work is to create a harmonious interplay between light and architecture in which people can feel comfortable, based on the latest findings in the physiology and psychology of optical perception.’

Ocara is an innovative luminaire for home or office lighting. It combines a wide range of functions: ergonomic work light, atmospheric room light, intimate reading light, biologically effective melanopic light – “all in one” and correctly dosed at any desired time of day. Sensors and an intelligent control system ensure that a pleasant room atmosphere adapted to the lighting conditions is created all by itself.

The height and angle of the light head are fixed to illuminate a typical desk surface evenly and glare-free, without disturbing the field of vision. The lighting components of the mixed light technology complement each other perfectly: Flat light, which changes its light colour circadian (analogous to the course of daylight), is distributed in a ratio of 25:75 directly to the work surface or indirectly into the room. The illuminance adapts sensor-controlled to the daylight conditions – so the Ocara automatically saves valuable energy.

The holistic approach of the Ocara is completed by the fact that, in addition to the visual effects of light, it also takes into account the biological effect of the so-called melanopic light. This mainly involves blue components of the light spectrum that fall into the eye from above and influence the day/night rhythm of the organism via their own receptors. The mixed light technology of the Ocara provides appropriate light components in the right amount at the right time and thus not only ensures an “outside feeling” in the home office, but also permanently promotes well-being.

Spectral Lighting UK is a brand of RIDI Lighting UK, a wholly owned subsidiary of RIDI Group Gmbh in Germany. The RIDI Group is a major European lighting brand which bring together core brands like RIDI, Spectral and Li:Fi in an alliance group. The Group offers sustainable LED solutions across multiple sectors.