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Studio Lumen Elevates Creative Hub with Expansion of Dubai Office

Studio Lumen, a leading lighting design powerhouse in the Middle East, proudly announces an expansion of its Dubai office, solidifying its status as an industry leader committed to innovation and creative excellence. This strategic move includes the establishment of a dedicated floor for its dynamic design team labelled Studio 9. Within the building Studio 1 remains the creative space for the rest of the team, together effectively creating a vibrant and collaborative hub space all under one roof.

While the Dubai office has always served as the headquarters for Studio Lumen, this significant expansion onto an additional floor within the same building marks a pivotal moment for the firm. The move signifies a substantial investment in fostering a work environment that promotes continuous growth, development and above all, unwavering creativity.

Siddharth Mathur, Founder and Director stated: “The decision to allocate an additional floor for our design team is a testament to Studio Lumen’s commitment to shaping the future of design. This expansion is not just about physical space; it’s about creating an ecosystem that stimulates collaboration, fuels innovation, and facilitates the unrestricted flow of creativity.”

By redistributing the team throughout the office space Studio Lumen aims to enhance communication and synergy among team members, ensuring a seamless exchange of ideas and expertise. This strategic move aligns with the firm’s vision to be at the forefront of cutting-edge lighting design solutions.

The expansion is a reflection of Studio Lumen’s deep-rooted confidence in the region’s burgeoning creative landscape. Studio Lumen has always considered Dubai as a cornerstone of its operations, and this development affirms the region’s importance in the firm’s global strategy. The Dubai office, now spanning multiple floors, serves as the central hub for the firm’s innovative operations, allowing for streamlined project management, increased collaboration, and an enhanced client experience. With Studio 1 and Studio 9 now firm locations for the company’s creativity it leaves room for Studios 2-8 in the future, with new locations and further expansion on the horizon.

Studio Lumen’s continued investment in its Dubai office underscores its commitment to providing clients with top-tier design services while fostering an environment where talent can flourish. The recent expansion demonstrates the firm’s confidence in the region’s ability to attract and retain top industry talent.