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Studio Lumen Embarks on a Luminous Journey in India: Unveiling a New Office to Fuse Innovation with Heritage

Studio Lumen, a revolutionary force in the realm of lighting design, proudly announces the inauguration of its newest office in India. The new office is a strategic expansion that represents Studio Lumen’s unwavering commitment to meeting the escalating demand for cutting-edge lighting solutions in the region, underscoring the company’s pledge to deliver unrivalled lighting design creativity and expertise.

The opening of Studio Lumen’s Indian office is not just a geographic expansion but a celebration of the rich heritage woven into the fabric of the team. Leveraging the diverse talents of some of its original team members, the company seeks to infuse projects with cultural nuances, creating a unique amalgamation of art and functionality.

Two key team members, seasoned from their experiences in Dubai, have chosen to return to their roots in India, bringing with them a wealth of international design expertise. Their relocation signifies a homecoming that will undoubtedly enhance the global perspective Studio Lumen brings to each project.

Siddharth Mathur, Founder and Director stated, “We are thrilled to further illuminate the design landscape in India and integrate our global experiences with the rich tapestry of Indian culture. The new office is not just a physical space; it is a canvas where heritage meets innovation.”

The Indian office is an expansion in response to project demand in and around the area and allows the company to base the team now much closer to clients in the region. With 6-7 newly recruited team members this dynamic blend of seasoned professionals and fresh talent ensures a collaborative and inclusive environment, fostering an exchange of ideas that transcends borders.

The opening of the Indian office is part of a broader overall vision for Studio Lumen, akin to a constellation of stars lighting up the design world. With recent expansions in Dubai and the establishment of the new office in India, Studio Lumen is poised to illuminate projects on a global scale.

As Studio Lumen embarks on this journey in India, they are not merely expanding their footprint; they are creating a nexus of design brilliance that draws inspiration from Indian heritage, inviting clients and partners to join them on this luminous journey, where they promise to continue pushing boundaries and creating extraordinary lighting experiences.