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The Colour Consistency Across All Lighting at The Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Gallery
The Colour Consistency Across All Lighting at The
Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Gallery

Throughout the years, Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Gallery in Ootmarsum, Netherlands has become a meeting point for contemporary art lovers for over 15 years, where Tom Schulten’s work serves as the benchmark and magnet that draws people in. His latest paintings and  silkscreens are on display within a backdrop of elegance. Chez-Moi is much more than just a gallery. In the past few decades, it has grown into a temple of beauty and use, where visitors find tranquility and allow the colours and shapes to fill their senses.

The Challenge

Because the colours and shapes are so important to the overall experience within the gallery, the management team at the Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Gallery approved a project to replace 600 spot lights with new LED lighting to enhance the paintings on display.

It was very important that the new LED lighting meet the following requirements:

  •  No zoom lens or various types of reflectors
  • Same lumen output as current installed spot lights
  • Good CRI for consistency across the current colour arrangement
  • Compatible with the current 3-phase track system by Hoffmeister
  • Lowest possible damage potential, in connection with any high IR/UV light so that no colour change occurs in the artwork after years
  • LED lighting manufacturer with a long history of product longevity and consistency
The highlighted artworks are extremely valuable at the Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Gallery. The lighting is designed to highlight the richly colourful artwork with a variety of spot lights shining on each painting from various angles. Due to this complex arrangement, there must be very little colour difference, if any, between the various spot lights in the gallery. The current 600 spot lights are Halogen 50-watt 10° and dimmable with a potentiometer.
Old lighting before renovation
New lighting with Apto Track Spot Light and Xicato Inside™ – XTM Vibrant Series
The Solution

The management team hired Industrielicht and their lighting design department to manage the selection of the LED lighting to deliver the exact specifications of the project. The Apto Track Spot Light from alphaLED with the Xicato Inside™ XTM Vibrancy LED module met the criteria perfectly.

The Xicato Thin Module (XTM) consists of a Xicato Core Array (XCA), pressure fit into a compact yet robust holder designed for a wide variety of downlight and spot fixtures and in this case, the Apto Track Spot Light. The Zhaga compatible mechanical interface includes wires and comes with pre-applied thermal interface material. With narrow beam options and high peak intensities (CBCP), the XTM portfolio addresses a wide variety of applications in accent, task and general lighting. Specifically, the XTM Vibrant Series was chosen for the fixture by Industrielicht due to the outstanding light quality with attributes of 98 CRI, 1000 lumen output, 2-step MacAdam Ellipse and compatibility with a 15° spot lens. Additionally, the 10-year warranty on colour consistency and lumen maintenance of the XTM was a driving factor in meeting the strict requirements of the Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Gallery lighting project. This helped to solve the challenge of matching the colour of other spot lights in the gallery with the same colour quality for many years to come.

Additionally, alphaLED’s Apto Track Spot Light easily made the adjustment to the previous installed Hoffmeister track rail guaranteeing the 5-year availability as specified. alphaLED’s history of impressive customer service and fast delivery of product to ensure on-time project completion was another critical component for the management team.

“We use Xicato Inside™ for all our lighting fixtures as we know how important light quality is to our customers. There really is no comparison in the market today. They have the only 10-year warranty for lumen and colour which provides the ultimate confidence in Xicato and their products.”
– Gary Lyon, Director, Projection Lighting Ltd./alphaLED 
The Results

Sampling the Apto Track Spot Light with the management team at Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Gallery made all the difference in choosing the right light fixture for the gallery.

When the Apto Track Spot Light with Xicato Inside™ was initially evaluated at the gallery against a competitive, similar fixture advertising CRI 98 and 2-step MacAdam Ellipse, the colour quality difference was perceptually visible. It quickly became obvious that the lighting offered by alphaLED and Xicato is superior with the light illumination within the appropriate range of the 15° beam angle. There was no colour aura around the outer edge or center of the light beam.

“The combination of alphaLED and Xicato Inside™ is worth gold, especially when it comes to the colour saturation of the artworks, which are often made up of primary colors red, blue and green. The rich colours are shown to perfection under this top-notch quality track lighting. The gallery management team is very happy with the final result of the project and so are we.”
– Bas van Driel, Technical Lighting Design, Industrielicht 
Location: Ootmarsum, Netherlands
Client: Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Gallery: Ton Schulten, owner and artist & Tim Engbersen, building management
Lighting supplier: Industrielicht
Technical lighting design: Bas van Driel
Producer: Projection Lighting Ltd – alphaLED
Products: Apto Track Spot Light with Xicato XTM Vibrant Series
Photo Credits: Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Gallery