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The Diesel Living with Lodes line makes its debut to mark the global exclusive collaboration between DIESEL and LODES

Marcon (Italy). Following the signing of the exclusive global licensing agreement earlier this year, long-established Italian decorative lighting company Lodes and the international lifestyle brand DIESEL, owned by the OTB group, announce the launch of the Diesel Living with Lodes line.
Comprising of three exclusive additions (Flask, Vinyl and Urban Concrete) as well as five renovated best sellers (Cage, Fork, Gask, Glass Drop and Pipe), the new Diesel Living with Lodes collection features a versatile selection of lighting pieces for residential spaces and public interiors.
The collection is inspired by contrasting opposites, such as reality and perception, whilst imbued with DIESEL’s irreverent directional design language and Lodes’ distinctive brand tenets. The Diesel Living with Lodes line will be available in select stores worldwide starting January 2021.

Inspired by the unique shapes of glass bottles used in science labs, Flask features a metallic surface that reveals its glass nature when lit. The piece is further enhanced by the contrast between the matt metallic outer and the glossy inner surface that glows and dances with the light.
Featuring a lamp body made of blown glass with a matt finish, the rounded surface of Flask simulates a metallic object with its industrial texture, creating a visually striking contrast between the lightness of the glass and the solidity of the metallic finish.

With three available shapes and two finishes: metallic black and mineral sand, Flask can also be placed in clusters to create bold compositions of suspended lamps.
When the lamp is lit, the design of Flask reveals a light source that floats in the glass body with an inner glossy surface that glows to create a daring visual effect with the reflections of the other lamps placed in proximity. The neck of the lamp has been designed to remain dark when the lights are on, thus enhancing the silhouette of the piece and its industrial surface.

Vinyl is made up of a metal plate with a circular engraved texture reminiscent of a music record, emulating sound vibrations whilst dividing the light in a captivating manner to the human eye. Featuring a wall sconce in the shape of a disk, Vinyl is a versatile metal ceiling, wall and suspension lamp. Its dynamic design makes this decorative lamp perfect for public spaces and is available in two sizes and two finishes: silver and deep black.

Urban Concrete
Taking inspiration from the bollards found in the urban landscape, Urban Concrete is a lighting piece balancing clean lines and solid surfaces with a dome crowned by a lifting hook. Whilst the metal dome creates an illusion of heaviness, Urban Concrete is very light, thus equally adding a touch of robustness and sophistication to any interiors with its three concrete finishes and white inner surface.
Available in four sizes (25, 50, 60, and 80 cm) for different uses and interiors, the 25 cm dome can also be installed on multiple canopies to create contrasting compositions and unique clusters.

Massimiliano Tosetto, General Manager at Lodes, comments: “The launch of the Diesel Living with Lodes products and the partnership with one of the world’s most renowned lifestyle brands is a further testament of our commitment to championing design excellence and creativity. With this collaboration, Lodes brings 70 years of technical know-how and manufacturing innovation with a solid understanding of the international lighting industry and a consolidated customer service.
Whilst the current global scenario continues to be challenging, we are proud to be launching the new Diesel Living with Lodes collection to reaffirm Lodes’ values of development and technical innovation, whilst fostering relationships with leading brands in the creative industry.”

Andrea Rosso, Creative Director of Diesel Licenses commented: “Our partners are important to us and we are happy for the work we produce with all of them.
It is crucial to share the same goal and curiosity for innovation, even when it’s unattainable. Since the inception of this collaboration, the same passion and high energy was shared with LODES, making it easier to envision the shared goals for the future of living.”
Announced in early 2020, the five-year licensing agreement between Lodes and DIESEL sees the worldwide production and marketing of a variety of lighting products.
The Diesel Living with Lodes line with Lodes follows the success of other highly acclaimed DIESEL collaborations, such Moroso (furniture), Scavolini (kitchens and bathrooms), Seletti (home accessories), Berti (wooden flooring), Iris Ceramica (ceramic floor and wall coverings) and Mirabello Carrara (home textiles). The newly added lighting collection will allow customers to complete their interiors with a wider range of DIESEL products for every part of the home and living space.

Earlier this year, Lodes announced its rebrand to mark its 70th anniversary and a new era of manufacturing innovation and contemporary design, followed by the launch of the 2021 collection preview.