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The LIA’s 2024 Spring Technical Forum A Resounding Success

The Lighting Industry Association (The LIA) recently hosted a member-only Spring Technical Forum, bringing together industry leaders, and experts, to explore the latest trends and advancements impacting the future of lighting. The event, held on 18th April 2024, was a huge success.

Attendees were introduced to engaging topics such as Building Regulations, Lighting Controls, and Government Updates. Presentations by Juan Ferrari and Bob Bohannon were exceptionally thought-provoking, focusing on the areas of “Would you trust your Lighting Designer if they used AI?” which challenged the conventional notion about artificial intelligence (AI) in lighting design, emphasising the importance of embracing technological advancements as a tool for innovation rather than fearing its implications. Bob Bohannon provided insights into upcoming legislation changes, offering attendees a clear path to track and monitor industry developments and an impactful presentation on “Sustainability Driven Operations” setting the foundation for the upcoming Net Zero Lighting Conference next week.

Additionally, the forum highlighted the key role of The LIA’s Technical Committees in shaping the direction of the lighting sector, and LIA members were encouraged to actively participate and contribute to these groups, underscoring the collaborative spirit that drives progress within our community.

One of the highlights of the event was the three university student award winners, who had the opportunity to present their innovative ideas on lighting design. Testament to the high-quality of their work, member representatives provided advice, guidance, and offers of additional support, as they embark on their professional career paths.

Ayca Donaghy, The LIA CEO, expressed her gratitude to all speakers, The LIA team, members, and university students for their contributions to the success of the forum. “Our industry thrives on collaboration and innovation, and this event exemplified the remarkable potential that arises when we come together to share knowledge and expertise,” said Ayca. “I extend my heartfelt thanks to our speakers for their presentations, our dedicated team for organising a seamless event, our members for their active participation, and our talented university students for inspiring us with their passion and creativity.”