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The Mansion, FIVE Jumeirah Village

The recently opened The Mansion nightclub celebrates the glitz and opulence of the 1920s era. This glamourous venue is located in the FIVA Jumeirah Village hotel.

Designed by leading Interior Design Practice, Russell Stage Studio, the lavish space is inspired by the “Scarface” mansion with its iconic staircase and Roman architectural elements. The nightlife destination features stunning gold and black furnishings, digital art screens showcasing transformative art pieces and graffiti designed by renowned artist Pichi Avo.

Russell Sage Studio appointed Victoria Jerram Lighting Design for the destination’s lighting scheme. Layers of lighting were designed into the fabric of the venue, allowing the venue to offer a new experience on each visit.

Each surface, from the all-important bar and that staircase, to the columns and DJ booth, has been considered and designed with lighting at its core. The UV washlights highlight the UV graffiti art applied to the walls and back bar, and decorative light fittings bring a touch of glamour to the space.

The lighting scheme is highly flexible, using the latest in LED lighting technology. The lighting rig includes ambient quad-colour (RGBW) moving head projectors, special effects projectors and Video LED tape, all programmed to create a synergy between light and music.

This layered lighting effect creates an immersive environment, transporting party-goers to a bygone era. It’s a venue that truly must be seen to be believed.

Project credits:  

Lighting Design: Victoria Jerram Lighting Design

Interior Designer: Russell Sage

Client: FIVE Hotels and Resorts

Photography: Courtesy of FIVE Hotels and Resorts