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The one-stop emergency lighting solution

When installing emergency lighting solutions in office and industrial settings, there are countless considerations around the environment, positioning, and performance. This can lead to challenges on-site to ensure the right products are on-hand. It can also result in multiple SKUs for lighting OEMs looking to provide a solutions-focused service. The ONTEC S and ONTEC G products by TM Technologie – available through Prime Light, one of the UK’s largest lighting solutions providers – overcome all that by being the ultimate flexible solution. Here, Prime Light’s emergency lighting specialist, Ben Williams, explains why these two popular products are proving to be the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of emergency lighting.  


“TM Technologie has a long history of innovation in the emergency lighting sector. With over 19 years of experience, they recognised the challenges faced by installers and lighting OEMs alike when it came to the potential variations of products required on-site. Developing the ONTEC S and ONTEC G to address this issue, the products offer the benefit of being a single unit that can easily be adapted to become a dynamic solution. 


The ONTEC S at its core is a versatile emergency lighting bulkhead unit. However, the premise of it is that it’s able to become multiple products from that core function. So, it could be a typical bulkhead. Or with the addition of accessories, it could be suspended, recessed, used along with an adhesive legend as an emergency sign or drop-down flag legend. 


Its high IP and mechanical damage level protection, both IP65 and IK08, along with an option that has low-temperature tolerance means they are suitable for a wide variety of environments including offices, corridors, warehouses, garages, and even outdoors. And the choice of lens options that include open area, escape route, asymmetric and high ceiling, as well as three-lumen outputs ranging from 150 to 576, also provides customers with the flexibility to deliver required or preferred light levels in a diverse range of settings.


The ONTEC G emergency evacuation sign is again a very dynamic solution. With a variety of accessories, the signs can be quickly and easily mounted in a variety of ways, including parallel or perpendicular wall mounting, and recessed, surface, and suspended ceiling mounting. Using the latest technology in lighting and materials this sign, which can be single or double-sided, provides a high luminance factor of up to 500cd/ M², ensuring it can be seen from up to 25m.


Alongside their unrivalled flexibility, the ONTEC S and G have outstanding reliability. With approvals including Kitemark and ENEC, both units are available in a range of testing options from more traditional manual testing to automatic self-testing using DALI node technology. 


Customer feedback on these products is outstanding. Contractors love the flexibility; they can send this one product to the site knowing that if something changes it can be adapted to meet the required needs. 


And suppliers benefit from only having to stock one product with accessories for several solutions.” 


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