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Trust enters the smart home market in the UK with the launch of its smart lighting range

Trust is pleased to announce the launch of its new Smart Home WIFI line in the UK with its smart WIFI lighting products, making smart lighting available for everyone. The new smart LED bulbs and smart plug can be controlled via one app and are easy to connect without needing an expensive hub. A colour changing duo bulb pack is available for as little as £20.99 on Amazon.

Trust Smart Home WIFI enables end consumers to control their home remotely, with one single app. The new line of products not only makes smart lighting available but with the smart plug corded devices around the household can also be controlled remotely.

No hub, no wires, no hassle

The smart WIFI LED bulbs are easy to connect, and no need for an expensive hub. Simply download the Trust Smart Home WIFI app and control lights remotely via phone or voice control. WIFI is all that is required.

The Colour Changing Light Bulb is one of the many options available, with 16 million colours to choose from and compatibility with Alexa and Google Nest for voice control. The bulbs are dimmable and allow users to create timers or groups so all bulbs can be turned on or off together or at specific times.

Multiple scenes and large range of colours

Lights are controlled and dimmed via the app and there’s a large choice of multiple pre-programmed scenes: night, reading, party, leisure, soft, rainbow, shine and gorgeous. Custom scenes can also be created, while ‘smart scenarios’ are used to automate lighting as desired, using timers and conditions.

Smart plug

The smart WIFI plug operates every corded device up to 3,000 Watt, switching them on and off manually or automatically at desired times. Two plugs can be fitted in a double socket without signal interference.

Smart Home WIFI for comfort and convenience

The new smart WIFI products are available now via Amazon UK and bring comfort and convenience to consumers and their homes.