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Tryka -A dynamic retail lighting attraction

Located in the heart of Glasgow, the St Enoch shopping centre is a retail paradise. Bursting with outlets offering everything from clothes to homeware, toys to food and drink, St Enoch is a crowd-drawing retail and leisure destination in one of Scotland’s most popular cities.

Creative architectural lighting designers, Match Lighting Studio, were appointed for this project and were responsible for detailing this impressive feature. For the client, it was the combination of the premium quality of Tryka’s luminaires, their impressive track record and unique ability to customise and adapt the system to meet the specifications of the project which secured the contract.

To complete the effect, over 3000 of our individually controlled RGB (Red, Green & Blue) diffused LED pixels have been installed in panels which are mounted above the entrance 60pixels high and 105pixels wide. The pixel array is comprised of custom length strings fitted to manufactured cladding panels with 20mm apertures, through which the domed diffuser protrudes. These panels then form the metal work of the feature. The low voltage nodes are powered by a 12V PSU and DMX control interface