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Tryka chosen for the Ling Ling Dubai

Located on the top floor of the new decadent Atlantis The Royal Hotel in Dubai, the Ling Ling is a new take on dining. Offering much more than just food and drink, Ling Ling is an experience; combining taste with sounds and visual appeal to create a party atmosphere. The venue uses Japan’s Izakaya scene for inspiration, alongside Cantonese and other cuisines, with guests able to dine in the restaurant, drink in the bar or choose private dining.

Having already informally been given the title of ‘Dubai’s best restaurant’, Ling Ling boasts stunning décor and an ethereal ambience. The restaurant even boasts a nightclub, ensuring guests can dance and party long into the night. Adding further to its appeal, Ling Ling offers stunning views of Dubai’s skyline from its terraces.

To complement and enhance this, a unique lighting design was needed. Lighting design consultancy FPOV were appointed to create the scheme, with the ambitious brief to ensure the lighting showcased Ling Ling’s diverse offering as more than a dining establishment. The lighting needs to take guests from fine dining to party time, from day to night.

FPOV achieved this using sophisticated lighting controls, an array of colours and animations – all working in harmony to create the different atmospheres.

A key solution in delivering this is the Tryka RGB linear fixtures. These are positioned behind a stretch-ceiling fabric in the main arrival lobby, which creates an animated display. The colours of this can change during the day.

This is also linked to Tryka RGB fittings within the lift cars, which change colour according to which floor the lift is on. These match the colours displayed at the main arrival lobby, creating flow and continuation of the journey from the ground floor up to the top and into the restaurant.

Tryka’s RGB solutions can also be found in the private dining room. As a key asset for the restaurant, the private dining spaces need to offer more than just a room to eat in. The perimeter wall colours can change, allowing the ambience to align with the mood, whether celebratory, romantic, lively or any other requirement.

Peter Veale, Global Design Director at F-POV: “Ling Ling is a fully-immersive experience, offering guests so much more than drinks and dining. This unique approach needed a carefully considered lighting scheme to enhance it.

“Tryka’s extensive range of RGB linear fixtures gave us the colour-changing capabilities we needed, alongside the reliability and the highest levels of quality the brand is renowned for. Tryka is undoubtedly playing an integral role in the inimitable experience Ling Ling guests will have.”

Project credits:

Client: Atlantis
Lighting Design: FPOV
Lighting Manufacturer: Tryka