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UK LED – Necker Island – British Virgin Islands
UK LED Lighting is very proud to have supplied LED lighting to one of the world’s most impressive pieces of real estate.   Having being involved with this project for several years before seeing the plans come to fruition,  everyone is delighted with the results that the concealed Linear Lighting has brought to this project.  Our Micro X LED Bar was used in 2700K CCT IP67 rated throughout,  bringing the colours out of the wood and giving warmth and ambiance to these impressive beachside dwellings.

Micro LED Bar is synonymous with high quality, colour consistency, durability and absolute reliability, and it’s why over these past 10 years, this very popular LED is continuously endorsed by both lighting professionals and contractors, who value the easy-fit merits of this great product.

Micro LED Bar 
  • 5630 Seoul Semiconductor LED
  • 2000K – 6300K CCT
  • Dimmable with all protocols
  • Binning 2-3 step MacAdam Ellipse
  • CRI 85+  or  CRI92+
  • Multiple pitch configurations
  • IP54-IP67 rated
  • Slim design
  • Adjustable and fixed brackets
  • LDT files available
  • 6 watt – 20watt