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Well-lit – dim to warm LED filament bulbs

Leading supplier of LED lamps, Well-lit, has brought the first ever range of flexible LED filament bulbs using patented dim to warm technology, to the market.

By using a flexible LED filament, the colour temperature of the new range of dim to warm LED bulbs can be smoothly transitioned from 2800k at its brightest to 2000k.

Primarily aimed at commercial settings, the new bulb will allow for a change in colour temperature, and therefore ambience and scene, simply by dimming.

This offers significant benefits across many sectors, including the hospitality industry, where lighting for breakfast and lunch may be brighter than that required for evening sittings.

As the first company in the world to bring flexible LED filament bulbs to the market, back in 2016, innovation and the launch of new technology to the lighting industry is part of Well-lit’s offering.