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Top spec office building features cutting edge lighting technology

Twelve floors of premium office space in the heart of London have undergone an extensive renovation, featuring the very latest in lighting and facilities management technology. 

Electrical contractor, Bridgegate Electrical, utilised the services of lighting firm Silent Design, who partnered with connectivity experts Tridonic to create a cutting-edge system that fulfilled the client’s needs and created an incredible home for its occupants.  

Located in the heart of London’s Fitrzrovia district, the MET Building offers 168,843 sq ft of luxurious office space. Rising to 12 floors, the attractive building aims to offer a unique experience for its occupants, including a dedicated events space and yoga deck. There is even a space for cyclists to not only store their bikes, but repair them too.  

Further enhancing the appeal of the MET Building is its biophilic design, increasing the connectivity of the occupants to nature and the natural world. These design principles have been enhanced through ample access to natural daylight and a lighting scheme that works in harmony with occupants’ circadian rhythms. 

The building owner wanted to create innovative and cutting-edge spaces that allowed users to maintain their own areas easily, while also having the ability to change settings as required, which was achieved by using Tridonic’s sceneCOM Evo system. 

The specification also required DALI control with DALI 2 sensors and input devices, along with DALI emergency monitoring at a centralised location, AV integration, fire alarm and last-man-out interfaces. It was also important to integrate tuneable white and circadian rhythm for parts of the open plan spaces that were further than 8m away from the windows. This also included daylight dimming and water solenoid valve control. The system needed to be scalable and user-friendly, and provided from a trusted brand.  

Dan Bamforth, UK controls and solutions manager for Tridonic, said: “Tridonic’s sceneCOM Evo-DALI control and DALI emergency monitoring were ideal to create easy configuration of spaces. The sceneCOM device features DALI 2 compatibility, allowing for easy networking of a number of other outputs.  

“The sceneCOM Evo also allows for custom white lighting profiles that adjust the colour temperature throughout the day automatically. This mimics natural daylight, matching the circadian rhythm of occupants to enhance their wellbeing.”  

A variety of lights and inputs are controlled by the sceneCOM Evo including a total of 5,700 DALI addresses for lighting and emergency lighting, including 1,100 DALI DT8 and DALI DT6 luminaires, with tuneable while LEDs. It also controls 880 DALI 2 PIRs and 67 DALI 2 switch inputs. 

The system also enables extensive data collection and turns luminaires into smart devices that can communicate their health and maintenance needs, to better support facilities management and predictive maintenance. 

John Bowden from Silent Design, specified Tridonic with the project. He said: “The MET Building is a shining example of how DALI devices can be harnessed to produce a number of key benefits including an intelligent, intuitive commercial space. Having worked with Tridonic previously, we were confident that their portfolio of expertly developed connectivity solutions would provide everything we needed to deliver the client’s needs.” 

Dan from Tridonic, added: “The intelligent design of our sceneCOM Evo was the ideal solution for this project. As well as offering unrivalled control, it enables extensive data collection which can be hugely beneficial for commercial property owners and operators. As a result of the new system, the MET Building is a beautifully in-tune premises, with state-of-the-art lighting features that provide a positive lasting impact upon its occupants.”