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Eulum Design Custom Retrofit and Illumination Brings Quantum Computer to Life

The Quantum Computer is a one-of-a-kind prop from the popular television show Devs, produced by FX and Hulu. The show centres on an extremely powerful quantum computer which surpasses the abilities of real-world computers to explore themes of quantum physics, technology and free will.

TV presenter Hannah Fry was so enthused with the piece that she decided to purchase the Quantum Computer prop from the television set to be hung in her home as a showpiece ‘chandelier-style’ fixture. However, as the prop had not been designed to be illuminated or suspended, it required specialist remodelling. Lighting design studio Light Bureau appointed Eulum Design to retrofit the prop as it needed to be stripped back and fully redesigned.

Eulum Design supported the project from the initial design through to mock-ups, remanufacture and installation. As the prop was not intended to be suspended, a bespoke suspension system was designed and Eulum NDRV Casambi-enabled drivers were used to programme the lighting. LED spotlights and LED panels were integrated into the Quantum Computer and an Arcane LED module was installed into the base of the model.

The result is a striking vertical sculpture of gold and copper, a shifting chandelier that has dazzling light pulsing through it to the surrounding walls, twinkling silver and gold. This beautiful structure of engineering art has been brought to life through custom illumination and suspension, acting as the unique focal point of its new home.


Project credits:
Client – Hannah Fry
Lighting Design – Light Bureau
Prop Credit – Devs