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WILA raises over £3,000 for Oxfordshire Mind

January 2021] Innovative lighting specialist, WILA Lighting, announces its charity of choice for 2022 and donates a total of £3360 to a local mental health charity.

Giving back to the local community underpins WILA Lighting’s corporate culture. At the start of each year, employees decide by committee which local charity will receive its support for the year ahead.

In 2021, the WILA Lighting team focused on raising funds to support Oxfordshire Mind, a local mental health charity. Oxfordshire Mind is there to make sure anyone with a mental health problem has somewhere to turn for advice and support, helping over 30,000 people with mental health challenges each year.

September saw five of the team undertake the WILA Lighting Ltd Chiltern 50 Mile Hike. Other events included a fundraising day in October, with a bake sale, raffle, and tombola. The combined efforts raised a generous £3,360, which will go towards helping those affected by mental health issues.

This year employees have voted to support Helen and Douglas House, a home from home for local terminally ill children and their families. It provides round-the-clock care in a warm, loving environment.

Matt Vogel, Chief Executive Officer at WILA Lighting, commented: “Mental health is something we take very seriously at WILA, and it is our absolute privilege to support a charity which helps promote better mental health locally. Oxfordshire Mind provides services including housing, talking therapies, benefits advice, a confidential and free information line, courses (such as ‘practical ways to wellbeing’), physical activity programmes, volunteering opportunities – and they facilitate over 60 peer-support groups each week.

This year we will focus on another worthy cause, Helen and Douglas House. The death of a child is heart breaking for all involved; the organisation needs to raise £3.6 million each year to care for local terminally ill children and help families cope with that devastation. It will be an honour to contribute even a small portion towards that cost.

It is a great feeling to give back to the most vulnerable in our local community; it is also the perfect excuse to unite as a team away from our laptops.”

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New Ceiling Light Innovation from Ansell


  • New cost-effective luminaire ideal application for multiple settings

Highly durable yet cost effective, the Ecoline Batten is a brand-new ceiling light from Ansell Lighting.

Ideal for use in a range of harsh or high use settings such as workshops and warehouses or factories and supermarkets, the fully polycarbonate luminaire is IK06 rated and has an LED lifespan of L70 50,000 hours requiring low levels of maintenance.

Available in three different sizes – 600mm, 1200mm and 1500mmm – the Ecoline Batten delivers excellent light uniformity thanks to its high transmittance polycarbonate diffuser.

It has selectable CCT settings of 3000K, 4000K, 6500K, meaning colour temperature can be set to enhance surroundings, productivity and wellbeing and is easily controlled via a switch located under the end cap.

Quick and easy to install, the versatile surface mounted light is also supplied pre-wired with 600mm cable and comes complete with versatile mounting clips which can be located anywhere along the spine of the luminaire for fitting ease.

Mark Abbott, Managing Director at Ansell Lighting said: “The Ecoline Batten is a truly cost effective, off the shelf lighting product. Low maintenance and easy to install, it is a versatile product ideal for multiple settings and offers many performance benefits. It also comes with a three-year warranty for added peace of mind.”

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Bringing the outdoors inside – Fagerhult Lighting

by Henrik Clausen, Director of Fagerhult’s Lighting Academy

Natural, outdoor light is a vital component in our everyday health and well-being. But while our ancestors spent almost all their time outdoors, their biological clocks synchronized to the 24-hour rhythm of the Earth’s rotation, people today spend much less time outdoors during the day, reducing the healthy impact of their exposure to natural daylight.

To make matters worse, extended exposure to light at night can lead to what is known as circadian disruption, where our body’s alignment with day-light and night-time becomes disturbed. Disrupted circadian rhythms have been shown to be associated with a number of health issues including depression, bipolar disorders, cardiovascular and reproductive problems, negative impacts on the immune system and seasonal affective disorders.

Such disruption is also being exacerbated by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the requirement for people to stay indoors for longer periods than normal in order to reduce the risk of infection.

In an effort to address the lighting issue, the industry has developed a concept called Human Centric Lighting (HCL), which focuses on bringing the dynamics of natural daylight back into people’s everyday lives through biologically effective electric lighting. The technology involved helps the human body to stay aligned with the natural circadian rhythms that humanity has been familiar with throughout much of history.

Over the course of a day, HCL simulates indoors the dynamic changes in light intensity and colour temperature of light found outdoors. In doing so, HCL provides biologically-effective lighting to boost concentration and productivity in daytime working and learning environments. HCL systems also consider the effects of light exposure on both the biological and emotional aspects of human physiology, keeping the human body in sync with the natural 24-hour cycle.

HCL can be applied in all indoor environments. This is important to note, given that offices, schools, commercial and industrial facilities often use efficient LED lighting with cool colour temperatures in order to keep people more alert, concentrated, responsive and productive.

While this has its advantages during the day, such bright light is less beneficial when extended into night-time hours. And since a large part of the population often works or learns deep into the night, such people are at risk of circadian disruption, as night-time exposure to high levels of brightness suppresses melatonin secretion, causing the body to adversely reset its biological clock.

Such issues have prompted numerous scientific studies in recent years. When developing lighting systems, Fagerhult carefully monitors the latest papers on lighting research, referring to scientifically-derived and peer-reviewed results from recognised universities.

We also actively support universities in their research, striving to create and sustain those benefits created by close cooperation between the academics providing the research and those industries which need it. We use these scientific findings in our product development, in the programming of our lighting control systems, and in our work with lighting designers, architects and engineers.

But getting into the detail, for the past four years Fagerhult, together with lighting technology groups Tridonic, iGuzzini and Zumtobel, has teamed up with Aalborg University in Denmark to develop and scientifically validate the ambitious Double Dynamic Lighting (DDL) concept.

DDL is a dynamic indoor lighting system for office environments which demonstrates how advanced responsive lighting technology can bring the office lighting to life. It does so by bringing the qualities of natural light into the office and so improves the indoor lighting environment and work engagement. As a white paper produced by the team behind the research argues, DDL refers to the multisensory human perception of unpredictability, naturalness, flow of light, light modelling effect and personal light zones.

The results of field studies show that it is possible to define dynamic light settings responding to the dynamics of daylight through a combination of direct and diffuse lighting. DDL was shown to have a positive impact on perceived atmosphere, visual comfort and work engagement, compared to static lighting.

Research also showed that the combination of directional task lighting and diffuse ambient lighting, when responding to sky-types and measured daylight level in the space, was favoured, versus static standard diffuse lighting.

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Nulty Bespoke – London Plane Tree Chandelier

The humble beauty of the London plane tree was the creative starting point for this chandelier commission for a luxury penthouse.

The handcrafted lily chandelier has a free-flowing formation composed of suspended glass and brass petals, interspersed with dainty glass droplets.

The beauty of nature, the solar system and the Batcave informed our creative thinking this year and resulted in some of our most memorable bespoke commissions to date. As 2021 draws to a close, we take a look back…

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Gong lights the way for stylish refurbishment of renowned French restaurant, L’Oasis

Nestled in the heart of the small fishing village of La Napoule, L’Oasis is an historic address for French Riviera gastronomy.  In 2020 the current owners decided it was time for a reinvention of this legendary establishment, and the stunning new interiors feature beautiful timeless designs from Gong, helping to set the perfect ambience for diners. 

The past 18 months have presented a number of challenges for the hospitality industry however, Michelin-starred restaurant L’Oasis took the opportunity as a chance to reinvent and refresh their celebrated restaurant, creating a new, immersive experience for diners.

Situated in the bay of Cannes, L’Oasis dates back to 1954 when Louis Outhier set out to create a prestigious dining institution, quickly notching up three Michelin stars. Today, this legendary restaurant is run by Nicolas Decherchi, a chef able to distil an array of gourmet emotions with the changing seasons.

Dedicated to nourishing the senses as well as delighting the taste buds, Cenk Mikailoglu of Studio Ravn in Paris, was commissioned to re-imagine the restaurant interiors, giving it a new lease of life.  His vision was to plunge guests into an intimate universe where contemporary and Provençal inspirations, noble and natural materials, works of art and the bewitching scents of the garden blend together seamlessly and the results did not disappoint.  Bold contemporary artwork and soft green foliage provide the perfect setting for diners to enjoy the innovative cuisine at a leisurely pace for maximum pleasure.

When it came to the lighting, Cenk turned to Jo Plismy at Gong.  Lighting from Gong’s Brass & Metal Collection was selected for it’s beautiful lattice work and majestic golden interior, which diffuses an elegant soft light, perfect for dining.  Large Tarya Ceiling Rectangles make a bold contemporary statement over sparkling glass cabinets oozing with delicious delicacies, while matching wall lights set the perfect ambience for relaxing after the meal. Jo Plismy, designer and owner of Gong comments “L’Oasis is an exceptional restaurant with a fascinating culinary history and we were delighted to be part of it’s reinvention.  Cenk has done an outstanding job with the new interiors and our Tarya lights fit beautifully alongside the stunning contemporary works of art and wonderful sculptures, which contrast with the neoclassical style of the house itself.”

Jo continues “Lighting is great for creating varying atmospheres and in a restaurant for example, a very different feel for the breakfast and lunchtime sittings may be desired, as opposed to the evening service.  Having dimmers can help with this and it’s important to consider the amount of natural light in the room and how it changes throughout the day.  From an interior design aspect, lights can also be viewed as pieces of art in their own right and bold designs, tactile textiles and sculptural shapes will provide interest to an interior design scheme, even when the light is turned off.”

Gong’s beautiful Tarya lights used at L’Oasis are handcrafted from antique brass and matt black metal.  Also available in the Tarya Collection are matching table lamps, floor lamps, and square or round pendants, making it easy to create a beautiful, seamless lighting scheme.